WifiKill APK Download – Latest Version WifiKill.APK

Are you facing the trouble of internet connection? Are you worried about the leakage of your Wifi internet data? Don’t worry!  WifiKill APK is here to help you control the Wifi network. Using WifiKill Pc you can control your Wifi Network and can also disable the other devices that connected to the same Wifi Network. This App is very much effective that can help you disconnect the other people devices connected to the same Network without your permission. WifiKill Apk Pro is compatible only with Android devices and to get access to this App it needs the root permissions.  

With WifiKill App you can kill or disable your friends and neighbor’s Wifi network connection. You can manually kill your and your neighbor’s Wifi network connection just for the sake of fun and they will be unable to use the Wifi connection. Killing the other device network, you can enjoy high speed of internet connection on your Android device. If you don’t know how download WifiKill Root-APK Download then just follow the simples steps and once you are aware of the App, you can start to kill the network connection of other devices and can have the fun of high-speed internet connection. Previously we have discussed WhatsApp Sniffer Apk and Aptoide Installer.


WifiKill APK – Features:


The WifiKill APK has special features for the internet users. Let’s check out the features below.

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  • The WiFi network you are currently using, you will be able to see the listings of various devices.
  • You can disable the WiFi network connection of any devices that are connected to the same network.
  • With this App, you can scrutinize the network movement for the devices that are using WiFi.
  • The names of the devices connected to the network are visible.
  • It can give you an idea about the rate of data transfers.
  • This app works on Tablets as well.


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How to Download WifiKill APK for Android:

To download the App is easy and simple. Download the WifiKill APK for free and have some fun of killing your neighbor’s network. The simple steps to download WifiKill APK are as follows.

  • WifiKill APK File – Wifikill V2.3.2, Wifikill V1.7.
  • You have to choose the APK file downloader.
  • Then click on the link you have selected and the download are on the process.
  • Once the download is complete, select the unknown sources in your device settings.
  • Now open the downloaded APK file and start installing it.
  • The installation is complete and you are ready to use the APP.

Download WifiKill Apk

How Does the WifiKill Work?


The WifiKill Apk no root works in just a few simple steps. Take a look.

  • When your device is connected to the common wifi network, the WifiKill will make your device as a router to other devices as the WifiKill is operating.
  • The other devices will try to connect to the network through the network you are connected.
  • That’s when the WifiKill disconnects the other devices.

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Wifikill for iOS Download for Free


If you are using WiFi Connection and WiFi Speed is very slow due to a large number of connected devices then you have to restrict all the other connected devices. WiFikill iOS app is created to kill WiFi connection, connected to your WiFi Connection. You can Kill WiFi connection with this app, and another person will not able to use WiFi Connection even they know your password.

Requirements For installing WiFiKill iOS on iPhone

  • Jailbreak required
  • Installed Cydia on your iPhone Device.

You can easily turn on and off user access with the help of Wifikill for iOS app. You can enjoy High-speed usage of WiFi on your Device and also control Wifi speed for all the other connected devices.


Features of WifiKill iOS

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  • Checklist of devices in the Wi-Fi network
  • Check data transfer rate
  • Easily monitor the network activity
  • Network devices can be seen with names
  • You can easily disconnect the devices
  • Works with both smartphones and tablets.



Wifikill is now available for iOS users, so you can easily manage all the controls using Wifikill for iOS App. You can disable or enable connected devices and it collects all the required information regarding all the connected devices. If you have noticed any unauthorized access, then chances are there that someone is using your wireless network or download some large files. Here is a complete article on How to download and install Wifikill for iOS.  Wifikill apk download for android is available on app store, collects all the required information regarding all the connected devices. Later you can also enable them to get access.

How WifiKill iOS Works?

After you have installed the WifiKill for iOS, you can manage all the network related tasks. You can control other devices using your network. This will scan all the network that you manage and allow you to manage access network.

Wifikill for iPhone without jailbreak is possible?

  • No, It’s Not Possible to use WifiKill without Jailbreak. You have to Jailbreak your iPhone in order to use Wifikill for iPhone.

WifiKill was uploaded to XDA Developers forum by the user Bponury and now it is one of the popular wifi management app for iOS and Android smartphones. Hope you liked this article on how to download WifiKill for iOS and use WifiKill on iPhone to manage a network. If you want to improve internet speed over a public Wi-Fi network then they must download this app for your iPad and iPhone and remember jailbreak is required. Comment below if you need any help.

WifiKill App is just an amazing App that helps you to control and kill the other devices network that is connected to the same Wifi network connection. So, download the App today and start exploring the useful means to kill the other device and get the maximum speed from your Wifi connection.

Wifikill for PC Download 2021 Updated


Well, there is no any official Wifikill App is available for Windows and Mac PC but with the help of Android Emulator, you can easily install wifi kill for PC and use on Windows and Mac Computers.  WifiKill Pro Apk app is only available for Android devices. So if you are an iOS user, then you have to look for other Wifi Management apps. The bad news is that the app is only available for Rooted Android phones. You have to root your Android phone or tablet to use Wifikill for PC.

If you don’t know how to root your Android phone, then use Google. There are many tutorials and apps are available that help you to root your Android smartphone easily and allow you to use Wifikill for PC Windows 10.


Here are some key features of Wifikill for PC

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  • Manage traffic, showing websites visited by connected device using wifikill apk for PC
  • Bytes transferred or received by connected device
  • Show network names and wireless card information
  • wifikill apk Kill Any connected device including laptop or smartphone



If you are facing low internet connection and your internet is also working fine then you have to check for connected devices usage. But many times, your internet speed depends on many factors including the bandwidth of the wifi network, some devices connected to a wifi network, and distance network. Check for who is using your wifi network, you can easily manage those devices and kill them using wifi killer app for Windows 10.

Wifikill Pro apk follows a dedicated algorithm to manage wireless networks that allow you to restrict internet access, or all of the other devices at once. The app is available on Google Play Store with free and Paid versions. You can use wifikill apk for PC to kill or disable all the connected devices low cost San Diego packing services. Even after they reconnect to the old connected wifi, they cannot use the internet because you blocked them.

How to Download and install Wifikill for PC

  • First of All Download Wifikill Apk file and save it on your computer.
  • Download and install Android Emulator for Windows and Install it. There are many Android Emulators available, but Bluestacks is most popular available for Windows.
  • Afte installing Bluestacks, open it.
  • Drag downloaded apk file to the Bluestacks app drawer, and it’s done.

You can directly use Wifikill root apk download from Google Play Store, or you can easily find 3rd party websites to download Wifikill apk. We always recommend you to use Google Play Store to download and install Android apps. Hope you liked this article on Wifikill for PC Windows 10 and Mac.


If you want to prank your friends, then this is the app for you. You can just sit back and watch them struggle. But remember, don’t use this app for malicious purposes. If someone comes to your home and asks about WifiKill, just deny everything. It’s just a coincidence that they were unable to connect to any kind of wifi network.