Aptoide Apk Download for Android, iOS, PC | Aptoide App Installer

Aptoide Apk provides you with multi­faceted features and high­end technology to create a marketing platform for users to create their “own App Store” and share their creations like smartphone apps, games, etc.

In Google Play Store, we get the experience of a centralized software system that has various applications and games available on one single Store. However, Aptoide download gives you the benefit of creating several stores under its name and it gives the power to the users to handle their low stores.

Aptoide App Store has an amazing user interface and delivers easy-to-deal-with regular users without any complexity of use or in­depth knowledge about the logic behind this genius creation. The UI is the most valued feature of Aptoide which has brought in great reviews and multiple Aptoide downloads.

As per statistics in July 2015, the updated Aptoide app store version 6.5.2 has been hit 1580 M times, with over 100 million users registered. There are over 140,000 stores having apps and games of over 330,000 types.

The Aptoide Apk has seen a massive boom since its inception in May 2011. The Aptoide version 2.4.1 had downloads of around 1.5 M with 3700 registered users on Aptoide Download. There were over 1600 stores having 2000 apps and games created by various users.

The Aptoide Home app is a free application platform to download the free Aptoide Installer.

Aptoide Apk App Home


Why should you go for Aptoide?

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  • The best feature of Aptoide Apk/ Aptoide iOS is that it is absolutely free of cost. Multiple downloads of applications and games can be done without any charge.
  • It has a collection of over 330,000 apps and games and you can choose from a big library of data.
  • It can be used on any platform Windows for PC, laptop or tablet, and Mac OS.
  • Users are notified on their devices for every update and new app available on the market. It is up to the user to pay attention to the updates or ignore them.
  • All versions of APK are available for each application or game like clash royale best deck and subway surfers on the Aptoide Apk or Aptoide Download iOS.
  • The users and critics give a certified review and rating for every app which allows the users to read all the reviews and decide for themselves if the app is worth downloading.
  • Premium users can create their own stores and apps in the Aptoide Apk and Aptoide iOS marketplace and increase their business.
  • It is available in 17 languages.[/su_list]


Features of Aptoide Apk

Best Aptoide Apk Features To Check Out

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  • It is hailed as one of the biggest app collection stores in the Android domain and marketplace. You can find the latest versions of applications like Google Duo App Download, and games under the various store after using Aptoide Installer and Aptoide download to install the app on your smartphones on Android, iOS as well as Windows for PC platforms. It not only allows you to access the latest versions of apps and games but also allows you to download the previous un-updated versions that might be compatible with your smartphone device, tablet, laptop or PC. Here you may find various applications that are not available in the Play Store like Aptoide Showbox. You will find every version of aptoide installer Minecraft available on this platform to get started with Aptoide Download. The applications and games that have been deleted from the Play Store will be available on the latest version Aptoide 6.5.3 Apk Download.
  • It updates frequently. Therefore, Aptoide Installer will enable you to view every application or game that is being updated constantly. You will receive a notification on Aptoide Download for every addition, update and modification performed on the stores and the various apps and games available for it. We know that updating the app frequently allows it to run smoothly and efficiently. Therefore, depending on the compatibility of Aptoide Apk with your smartphone, Aptoide Installer recommends you keep updating to experience a smooth Aptoide performance.
  • Aptoide download offers advanced and premium download features that give the discretion in the user’s hand to manage their download limit by Aptoide download. It separately shows the speed of every application or game by downloading by using Aptoide Installer and also the time left for the download on Aptoide 5.1.2 free download to be completed. You can keep checking the progress and speed of download depending upon your Internet connection.
  • Optimized search engine. We have noticed that whenever we enter a keyword in the search box of any application and game store, the result that we receive are numerous as just pops up keywords similar to the ones we typed as words and letters in Search. There are also fake apps and there is no way in which we can verify the authenticity of the applications and games that we aim to download. Aptoide Apk solves this problem by clarifying the confusion of multiple apps on the search and there are no fake apps or games, as each and every one of them is downloaded and tested before it is put on the Android, iOS or Windows for PC, laptop, and tablet.
  • Users can create their own App store. Unlike Google Play Store, Aptoide Apk/ Aptoide iOS allows users to create many apps and games under their own app store. Aptoide Download and Aptoide Installer allow users to download applications and games for other stores too, in spite of having their own store. It is more of an open business. A store owner can download apps and games from other user’s stores of apps and games too. It is a very simple, easy and diverse network.
  • All the applications that are available after Aptoide Installer by Aptoide Apk are free of cost. Yes, every application and game on the Aptoide Installer platform are absolutely free.
  • The UI of Aptoide Apk is very simple and interactive. When you open the app after Aptoide Installer it will be categorized into the following tabs:1. Home2. Top3. Stores4. Updates5. Social Timeline6. Download Manager.
  • You need to familiarize yourself with the Aptoide app before you start exploring the benefits of it. Each app has its own description and information. You can look for the comments and ratings given for each app from which you can judge the quality of the app you are interested in downloading.
  • If you do not get the result of your search, you can directly navigate through the list of apps shared by other users.
  • It also allows you to revert back to previous versions with its rollback feature. This lets you delete an update that has come up in your notification and you don’t need it.


These were some of the features highlighted in details. To know more continue reading the article.

Steps to download Aptoide Apk on various platforms

Now we will go through the detailed procedure of downloading the Aptoide Installer using the Aptoide Apk link on various platforms such as:

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  • Android platform for smartphones and tablets
  • IOS platform for iPhone and iPad
  • Windows for PC and laptop.[/su_list]

Aptoide Apk | Aptoide for Android

Aptoide Download is a little different from the conventional download of smartphone apps from Google Play Store, but nonetheless, it is pretty simple. Get it done by clicking on the Aptoide Apk. Install Aptoide Installer and download unlimited apps like Mi Account Unlock tool and games depending on the storage capacity of your smartphone by getting Aptoide Download done. I am going to give a detailed stepwise procedure to install Aptoide Apk on your Android platform.

Aptoide Apk and Aptoide iOS can be downloaded by the only way one which is to get a link to Aptoide Apk for Android and store it on your smartphone. The Aptoide Apk link is provided below.

There is a small setting change that you will have to make in your phones since Aptoide is not available on Google Play Store. Aptoide for Android can be installed with our help.

Still, if you were not installed Aptoid using installation guide, then you would easily download Aptoid apk for PC using this exclusive tutorial:

The simple steps to change the source of installation are as follows:

  • Open Menu in smartphone
  • Go to Settings
  • Now open Security
  • Check the box to enable “Unknown Sources”
  • Now your smartphone will allow installation of applications from both trusted and unknown sources.

Click on the link provided above and download the Aptoide Apk link on your smartphone.

Once this step is done, click on the downloaded link on your phone. The Aptoide Apk will open a dialog box that will ask you to Install or Cancel. Click on Install to install Aptoide Apk on your phone. Then it will ask you some privacy and security enablement, you can click NEXT as it is a highly secured source and enable yourself to this amazing ultimate experience Aptoide installer.

When you complete performing all the steps, you can choose any application or game you want to indulge in and get started easily. With the various features available on the platform, your smartphone will remain safe and secure without hampering your experience.

Aptoide download for Windows PC

Aptoide Apk App For Windows Latest Editon

To get Aptoide Apk on your PC there is no official software available on the internet that will enable you to download this awesome app on your laptop or PC for Windows or Mac. However, do not be disheartened. If you love this Aptoide download and want it installed on your laptop or PC for Windows or Mac, all you have to do is follow the simple steps given here to get your job done!

Now let me tell you there is a certain software called Android emulators. Both the soft wares namely Android Emulator and Android App player let Windows users use any Android app/game to run on their operating system. Blue stacks are the top Android Emulator among all the available Android Emulators. Read my full instruction to get a detailed overview of how to download and install Bluestacks without any installation error.

Using this Android Emulator, Bluestacks you will be directly able to download Aptoide Apk for your PC or laptop instantly and will be allowed to enjoy the same features as in Android and iOS platform. This is a very hassle-free method or process.

The steps to Install Bluestacks is as follows:

  • Go to the official Bluestack Apps page
  • Bluestacks is compatible on various platforms and to install this program you need Windows version 7/8 or 10 or Mac OS X.
  • When you Open this software, it will redirect you to a Google account.
  • You need to log in using a Gmail ID.
  • You will see the software application will ask to run on your computer
  • Run and Save the Bluestacks file.
  • Bluestacks App is now installed on your computer.

After finishing this procedure, the Aptoide Apk has to be downloaded using the Bluestacks App feature. The steps are pretty simple for this too. I can assure you it is safe, secure and hassle-free.

  • Download the Aptoide Apk link that is provided above. It is same for any platform you want to use.
  • When the APK Download file is downloaded, click on it.
  • It will open a dialog box which will ask you permission to open it.
  • Select “Open with Bluestacks App Player”
  • Once the installation is over, you can start using this Aptoide Apk.

Once all the steps are completed you can start using the app and downloading multiple apps and games.

Aptoide Download for Aptoide iOS


Aptoide Apk is available only on Android platform but all the iPhone users out there please do not worry. Apps and games of Aptoide Download can still be enjoyed by iPhone users and I am going to illustrate how it will be done.

The steps to get Aptoide Installer on your iPhone is as follows:

  • Cydia app will enable you to use and download all the apps that are masked by iPhone users.
  • CNET software provides you the Cydia app
  • You will need to jailbreak your iPhone to enjoy the benefits.
  • After jailbreaking, download the Cydia app
  • Once this Aptoide download is installed, you can search Aptoide iOS
  • So Aptoide Download from our link.

Once the above-mentioned steps are completed, you will have the Aptoide Installer on your iOS platform and by Aptoide Download you can enjoy the multiple benefits of Aptoide iOS. Aptoide iOS will give you all the features similar to Aptoide Apk platform with just a little bit changes here and there it’s user interface.

You will have the same options: Home, Top, Stores, Update, Download Manager and Social Timeline. Before you can Aptoide Download the games and applications available on Aptoide iOS, you can read the technical description and information provided on the app page. You may also check out the reviews provided by users from all over the world so that you can get a clear insight into your requirements and judge every parameter according to your understanding. You will not be disappointed at all, be ready to experience the vastness of facilities and choices provided by Aptoide iOS.

Aptoide Download for Mac OS

The Aptoide iOS can be Aptoide installed and Aptoide download on Mac platform as well. The steps are similar to Windows for PC, laptops and tablet procedure.4e5

The procedures for Aptoide Installer are similar to the one for Windows. Follow the same instruction stepwise and get the experience of Aptoide iOS in your Mac Book or Mac OS X.

Once you have finished the procedure stepwise be ready to experience the multiple benefits of Aptoide Apk iOS. It will give the power in your hands to do your own business by creating your own store and housing them with numerous applications and games of your choice. It will give you the benefit of working with several users and posting reviews and critical analysis of apps regarding the ease and performance of a certain application or game that you have downloaded and are currently using. Not only can you create your own store and create a repository of apps and games, as a registered user you can also download and enjoy the benefits of apps and games created by other users as well.

On a final note, Aptoide Apk, and Aptoide iOS has become a savior for many users r it houses all versions of apk links and deleted apps thus allowing them to choose the desired app according to their requirement. You can be assured to embrace yourself on an experience of diversity, unlimited choices, exploring possibilities, expanding business and knowledge all at the same time.

Aptoide Apk Download for Android, iOS, PC | Aptoide Installer: Imagine having your own Android Store? Do you feel it’s possible to get a completely customized and categorized collection of apps without any registration?

Best Aptoide Apk Alternatives For Android/Ios/Pc

Best Aptoide Apk App Alternatives List 2018

There are a few best alternatives or substitutes for Apoide, They are listed below:

  • Blackmart Apk
  • App Brain
  • Get Apk
  • Amazon App Store
  • 1Mobile Market