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WhatsApp Sniffer Apk – [Download Latest Version 1.0.1]

You probably are an active user of WhatsApp and have something fishy in your mind and that is the reason you are here.

Wondering why your boyfriend (girlfriend) is no more into you or your best friend has found somebody virtual to spend time with or just thinking to play a prank on your little brother (sister) on fool’s day?


Your sniffing has now found a sniffer – Whatsapp Sniffer Apk. Going by the name, WhatsApp Sniffer Apk 2017, this application will do the job for you when you just (okay, not just) have to convince your victim to be on the same phase of the network. Just ask him to share the same wireless connection, for a start.

Download Whatsapp Snipper APK

Being a common-hub for a lot of people around the globe, this gigantic platform for people to interact (WhatsApp) has its own set of rigid rules, terms, and conditions and it would be unofficial to put up an app on Play Store(or App Store) against the pandemic. Nevertheless, some eager crooks have come out with an apk called Whatsapp Sniffer Apk and the same could easily be downloaded from unique sites or using the Internet. Is your phone troubling you? It can also be downloaded on your Personal Computers or Laptops using Bluestacks or Nox app Player. But keep that excited nerve in you from stimulating further because this app doesn’t serve all of its nefariousness on your plate so easily. You have to do some preparations at the least before the grand dinner, however, the best way is by using Whatsapp Sniffer Apk Xda.

There are different ways on ‘how to use whats app sniffer’ application can be used in different devices which can be divided into following three categories:

How to use WhatsApp Sniffer?

  1. On an unrooted device
  2. On a rooted device
  3. On an iOS device


Getting to the categories of the application, it comes both for free and a paid version is also available.

On an unrooted device:

If you are going forward with Whatsapp Sniffer V3.3 Free Download, then you probably don’t know what rooting it or haven’t yet tried which is fair enough because it is a bit risky for beginners. But beware; your victim should have enough trust in you to hand over his (her) phone to you here. Moving on, follow the steps to get unrestrained access to the storehouse of secrets:

Step 1: Download WhatsApp Xtract tool or YoWhatsapp Apk which is easily available on the Internet. You just have to get the latest version of the same. It is used to backup WhatsApp application with WhatsApp backup extractor.

Step 2: Here comes the risky part, you need to get transferred all the messages from your victim’s phone to your device with the help of file transfer applications(say Bluetooth) and save it to File Manager(or My files or however it is named in your device)> Internal Storage(Device Storage)> WhatsApp.

Step 3: Copy the above file at the location where WhatsApp Xtract tool is downloaded(As in Step 1).

Step4: Download WhatsApp backup extractor.

  • Run pyCrypto.bat file from the above download.(as an administrator)
  • Run whatsapp_xtract_anroid.bat(or whatsapp_xtract_anroid_crypted.bat) from the above download.

Note: These(i and ii) should be run in the same order as mentioned to get effective results.

Step 5: Now, all the messages transferred of your victim can be read after all the above steps have been followed properly.

But it will not give you access to the real-time exchange of new messages of our victim. In order to do so on an Android device, follow point 2 ‘on a rooted device’

Also, have a look at Test DPC Apk app for Android

On a rooted device:

If you are going forward with this part, you probably know how to root your device (or you have a rooted one) or you want real-time access to the new messages of your victim through download whatsapp sniffer apk read WhatsApp.

If you know how to root your device:
Step 1:  Bingo! Prance now and get. Go on and read, listen, laugh or get angry at your victim.

In case you don’t,

Step 1(A): Read about it. ’Rooting’ is like being a developer of the software of your phone when you presently are its users. ‘Rooting’ might seem an hectic task both for your device and you but once you start chasing the instructions step by step, you will get out victorious with you being the real owner of your device, you should also get ready to steal the show (because rooting your device properly actually makes you look smarter given the added advantages) and your device ready to steal the messages, audios, videos, calls and status updates.

Step 1(B): Get the relevant software. Changing gears on this front, while there are no applications for bypassing the terms and conditions but an app motivating people to do so. Yes, they have many applications on Play Store allowing you to smoothly root your device like iRoot for Pc, Superuser application is the major player in the market in the current scenario. Rooting can also be done by flashing (installing) a custom ROM. In case, you are unaware if your device is rooted or not, download another app and test it. In any case, put some little extra effort and get your acts together for your embezzlement.

Step 2: Download the Whatsapp Sniffer 2017 app on your rooted device which as mentioned earlier can easily be downloaded from the specific sites or Internet.

Step 3:  Open the location where your file is saved or react ‘Open’ to your browser’s notification. The package installer window will pop up. Click on Install after keeping in mind that it will gain access to your contacts and call logs. Are you waiting eagerly for that app to get installed just like I did? See, you are done.

Step 4: But it seems like Busybox is its partner in crime. Follow the usual process and advance further. But why Busybox? Because it will furnish your device with the commands required to aid your needs.

Step 5: Connect that sitting duck in front of you and ask him(her) to have a connection (the real one is obviously distorted, a virtual now!). The idea is to connect! On the same phase of a network! Either him(her) to you or both of you on some external network. When you are using wireless network and it is WPA/WPA2 protected, do enable APF spoofing on the application and let the dice roll in your court today.

On an iOS device:

Because of increased security, following steps are required:

Step 1: Get the software named ‘iPhone Backup Extractor.’

Step 2: Get the file named ‘filename.whatsapp.whatsapp/Documents/Chatstorage.sqlite’

Step 3: Now, make an unencrypted backup with your iTunes software.

Whatsapp Sniffer Group Chat Feature Enabled

Although you might as well get to read the messages through Whatsapp Sniffer Apk Download Android No Root, get to hear the audios as and when they reach your victim’s phone but not their intentions and that is why it is rightly said words and communications have great power and ‘The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said’.

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