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How to fix the [pii_email_88b3fd645ef26dd9649f] error?

by Ganesh Kolekar
How to fix the [pii_email_88b3fd645ef26dd9649f] error?

The two things that are most beneficial for everyone are communication and staying connected to the world around us. Microsoft Outlook is the ideal partner for managing and juggling personal and business lives. It will assist with email management and scheduling, keeping track of to-do lists, conferences, work, and personal appointments, and much more.

In our daily correspondence, Microsoft Outlook plays an equally important role. Sometimes things move smoothly, but other times they make errors. One of that errors we will be describing here, and you will get the solutions also. You may get some issues ultimately because you can access the accounts so frequently. The [pii email 88b3fd645ef26dd9649f] error is the most frequent of the problems.

The [pii_email_88b3fd645ef26dd9649f] error code indicates that your email client is not functioning properly. There are several potential causes for this, however, the most likely one is that the software version of Outlook you’re running and your email client is incompatible.

Reasons for  [pii_email_88b3fd645ef26dd9649f] error

  • You can experience the [pii email 88b3fd645ef26dd9649f] error if you use multiple email accounts in Microsoft Outlook. Multiple accounts being used may cause each account’s settings to become messed up and result in the [pii_email_88b3fd645ef26dd9649f] problem.
  • The installation issue is one of the main causes of the [pii email 88b3fd645ef26dd9649f] error. You may experience this problem if Microsoft Outlook is improperly installed on your computer.
  • This [pii_email_88b3fd645ef26dd9649f] problem could appear if you have installed any other email clients in addition to Microsoft Outlook. These applications might clash with one another, which could result in the [pii email 88b3fd645ef26dd9649f] error.
  • Another possible cause of the [pii email 88b3fd645ef26dd9649f] problem is the use of an out-of-date, rarely updated version of Microsoft Outlook. Updates are crucial to the continued smooth operation of any application. Outlook settings that aren’t updated frequently may be useless and result in this error.
  • The possibility that you will see [pii email 88b3fd645ef26dd9649f] error if you are using a pirated version is high.

How to fix the [pii_email_88b3fd645ef26dd9649f] error?

However, you can resolve the [pii_email_88b3fd645ef26dd9649f] problem code and restart your email account by following a few easy steps. You can use any one of the following ways to fix this error:

Clear Cookies and Cache

Your browser’s cookies and cache files should be cleared. Your data will be updated if the caches and cookies are cleared. Close all accounts in Microsoft Outlook. Check to see whether upgrades are required; if so, install them and restart your PC.

As a result, your system will contain only clear and pertinent data. Log into your Outlook account after deleting your cache and cookies.

Updates for Microsoft Outlook

The initial issue on the user’s end can be that it hasn’t been updated with the new edition. Check to see if Outlook 2016 is supported by your computer or laptop. Update Outlook and delete the previous version if it is compatible. Your files will be retrieved from the most recent version when the previous version is updated.

One might want to go ahead and make a backup of important files if your new Microsoft “office” has been installed. Select a simple file transfer. You should get in touch with customer support if Outlook is still displaying an error.

Use the troubleshooting section

From the “Trouble Shooting Center,” you can get assistance. The app’s Trouble Shooting Center will automatically look for Pii problems and fix the problem. You might have to do these actions:

On your computer or laptop, select “Settings” from the “Start” button.

Go to the “Update and Security” section of the system settings.

Next, choose “Troubleshoot.”

You can now direct your system to fix the problem.

Removal of third-party email program

Multiple email clients can occasionally undermine Microsoft Outlook’s importance. It is the outcome of a clash between two email programs and contributes to problems every time someone uses it. To concentrate on simpler working, you must remove any unreliable sources or third-party applications from the computer. Reopen Microsoft Outlook after the error has been fixed to see if it has been fixed.

Uninstall Outlook

On your computer or laptop, go to the Control Panel. Choose the Programs and Features option next. Look for the Outlook application there. To delete Outlook, click Microsoft Outlook and then follow the on-screen instructions. After removing this application, install the most recent version of Microsoft Outlook. Create the account, then log in and use it.


Most Microsoft Outlook difficulties are a result of issues and glitches during the installation process. All of your Microsoft Outlook-related issues, including [pii_email_88b3fd645ef26dd9649f], can be fixed using the information on this page. The error code [pii_email_88b3fd645ef26dd9649f] appears in the MS Outlook application, and as you are all aware, MS Outlook is renowned software designed for sending and receiving mail and important messages. We hope that one of the aforementioned methods will work for you.

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