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Windows 10 Sounds Problems And How To Fix Them

How to fix windows 10 sound problems

It’s sound great that you have installed your OS on operating system! But, are you totally aware of the problems that may cause by the upgrading?  Your OS upgrade has some issues including the sound of Windows 10 Sounds Problems. If you see that your PC does not have sound after you upgrade to the Windows 10, it may due to the fact the sound driver may be removed or incompatible with the Windows 10 or may be corrupted (windows 10 sound drivers download). Windows is quite famous for the issues and malfunctions that may affect your PC anytime. The best part is that you will not be aware that when the problem windows 10 no sound realtek will occur.


Here are some of the tips or steps that you can follow when you are thinking to fix the sound problems in Windows.

  1. Check the sound settings

After the installation of the Windows 10, you may find that there is no sound in the PC, then the first thing that you should do is to check if the audio services not responding in Windows 10 still. Before insulting the operating system, check the sound configuration of your PC. In the meantime, you can have a look at the cables, connections, headphone connections, plugs and lots more that may cause the malfunctioning of the sound. If you are still facing the problem, read on.

  1. Re-install the audio driver in Device manager

The sound drivers are one of the common reasons to create problems even after when you experience no sound after windows update. The Windows 10 is not an exception. If you are using all the things in the right manner, then there will be no such problem in the sound. If you are using anything of poor quality, then it is likely that you will suffer from the sound issues. If the problem is regarding the driver, then you should either uninstall or reinstall the driver. This will help in removing the sound issues, also ensure you check the Best Antivirus Software For Pc & download one.

  1. Update IDT HD audio CODEC

Most of the PCs may face issues that are related to the IDT HD audio CODEC. This can be fixed by manual driver updating that helps in the choosing the sound driver that you can wish to use. You should first right-click the Start menu and then choose the Device manager. You then expand the sound, video games and the section where the controllers are located. If you find out the IDT HD Audio CODEC, right-click the option of Update Driver Software. After that, choose the Browse my computer for driver software, followed by the list. This helps you to choose any file that has been pre-installed on the system.

  1. Fix up the real teak audio

However, the Realtek audio does not make many problems, but if you find in the sound after installing the Windows 10, then it is not a very common problem. In such cases, you should refresh the Wifi drivers and then install the updated version. This can solve the problem on sound issues after installing the Windows 10. Another way to resolve the problem of sound fixing after installing the Windows 10 is to disable the front panel jack. This problem varies from system to system. Some of the linked thread includes screenshots that you have to send to the service providers to allow them to resolve the issues.

  1. Disable the audio enhancement

The next step is the audio enhancements after installing the Windows 10. The audio enhancements are the inbuilt Microsoft tool and the third-party packages that are mainly designed to be sure that the audio hardware is working in the right manner. In the taskbar search box, type the SOUND, and then click the SOUND control panel option. The new box opens in the below, you just have to right-click the default device and choose the PROPERTIES option. Then click the enhancements tab, be sure that the box is labeled as the Disable all enhancements and then choose the APPLY option – msmpeng.exe antimalware service executable.

  1. Restart the audio services

The audio services can be disabled as their wish, and you have to find out the problem to rectify the problems. You can then give the audio a jump-start. In the taskbar search box, type of SERVICES and then press enter. Scroll down the Windows Audio. If you find that the services do not work properly, restart the audio services by choosing the START option.

  1. Try the Audio troubleshooter

When you are facing problems regarding the sound after installing the Windows, you can try out the audio troubleshooter that can only identify the problems related to the sound own and fix it internally. If you are using the inbuilt Microsoft troubleshooter, you know that this worth to find out the problem.

These seven problems may occur after installing the Windows 10 in PC. You can solve these problems by following the steps discussed above to have a clear sound.

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