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Top 10 Best Torrent Sites 2021


A torrent site is a computer site which contains metadata about files and folder to be distributed but it does not originally contain the content to be distributed and these sites are normally named with the extension .torrent. Best Torrent Sites 2021 will help you with finding the best.Internet access limits the bandwidth of each downloading whereas the Open Bit Torrent & Utorrent protocol addresses this by decentralizing the distribution and leverages the ability of people to enable peer-to-peer network.The torrent file is created to act as a key to initiate downloading of the actual content. Here we sorted some best torrent sites for torrent lovers and users.

The torrent list contains a list of files and integrity metadata about all the pieces and optionally contains a list of trackers. A torrent file is an encoded dictionary with the following keys: announce, info, length, name, piece length and pieces and all the strings should be UTF-8 encoded. A torrent file contains additional metadata known as “Bit Torrent Enhancement Proposals.”

best torrent sites

The top ten torrent sites in the world are as given below:


Best Torrent Site Pirate Bay

This torrent site The Pirate Bays is known for various categories. It is an online index of digital content of entertainment media and software. It allows searching, downloading and contributing magnet links and torrent files which facilitate peer-to-peer file sharing. Established in September 2003 by the Swedish anti-copyright organization, The Piracy Bureau. The torrents are organized into different categories which are registered with an email address for free. The users can upload and comment on torrents.

This torrent file is the best known Torrenting site in the world.


This torrent site Rarbg is a website founded in 2008, useful for peer-to-peer sharing using the Bit Torrent protocol. This website was blocked b many countries like Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Denmark, Portugal, Pakistan. Best torrent sites.

3) 1337x


1337x was founded in 2007 and saw increasing popularity after the closure of Kickass Torrents. It is a website which provides a directory of torrent files and magnet links used for peer-to-peer file sharing through the Bit Torrent file sharing. This website has been publicized as an alternative to Pirate Bay in a situation of a likely expiry.

4) Open Bit Torrent

Open Bit Torrent’s initiative was to provide a free and stable service with no ties indexing sites and it has spawned several copies with almost identical services.

Open Bit Torrent

This website is powered by open tracker software.This site was shut down on 22 May 2010 due to allegations by Pirate Bay. From 16 July to 12 August 2012, OpenBit Torrent went offline protesting the lack of adoption of protocol improvement. On 5 May 2015, the OpenBit Torrent came online again but the tracker address was still not available on the website.

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5) Isohunt

IsohuntIt is an online torrent files index and storehouse where users can upload, browse, search, download torrents. This site was founded in 2003 by Gary Fung, a Canadian national and has derived its name from the term ISO image, used to describe a 1:1 soft copy of a disk. With 7.4 million torrent users Isohunt was one of the most popular Bit Torrent search engines.

6) Demonoid

DemonoidThis website is a popular BitTorrent tracker which includes file sharing related discussions forums and a searchable index for the tracker, and is also considered as one of the best Game Torrenting Sites. This site has undergone an occasional period of extended downtime caused by the cancellation of ISP service due to local political pressure. It tracks and displays users’ upload/download ratios.

7) Torrentz

TorrentzFounded by Flippy, it is a Finland-based met search engine for Bit Torrent. This website offers various trackers per torrent that were not necessarily present in the default .torrent file so that when a tracker is down, the other workers could do the work. The user interface of this website was minimal and simple and consists of two basic blocks: a user menu and a search panel. In August 2016 after this website shut down another website Torrentz2.eu was launched.

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8) Kickass Torrents

 Kickass TorrentsKickass search engine was founded in 2008 and it provided a directory for torrent files and magnet links to facilitate peer-to-peer sharing using the BitTorrent protocol. It went offline on 20 July 2016 when the domain was seized by the government.

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9) Torrent project

Torrent projectThis met search engine consolidates links from other popular torrent hosting pages. It carries self-produced contents. This site uses DHT to find contents and currently has more than 10 million torrents and it has an API that allows the search function to be integrated into applications.

10) 1337X2

1337xThis site provides a directory of torrent files and magnet links used for peer to peer file sharing. Founded in 2007; this site saw increasing popularity after the closure of Kickass Torrents.


The motive of the article was to let you know the best torrent so that you can get the access to millions of paid software for free and Utorrent search movies. We hope that we were able to provide you enough knowledge about Best Torrent Sites 2021. Suggestions and compliments are welcomed in the comment section. Keep visiting our site.

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