Tips to Develop Revenue generating Android App for Your Startup

When a substantial part of the world is working on android apps, then imagining a jackpot application that could give good revenue seems astronomical. As per Statista, there are over 3.8 billion mobile phone users worldwide. The number of smartphone applications in the Google Play Store is approximately 2.9 million. The average time spent by any user on a smartphone is 29%, and the apps s/he uses are limited to nine per day. The rough figure suggests there are numerous unused applications on the Play Store.

Alongside this, there are paid, and free applications that are working. With numerous challenges, how is it even possible for an android app development company to come up with a revenue-generating android app for your startup? Well, there isn’t any binding spell, but there are few watch-outs that could be adopted that can help in developing successful Android applications. Here are a few tips for generating great revenues via an android application.

Top 5 Tips for Developing an Impeccable Revenue-Generating Android App

  1. Recognize the audience: 

The mobile application is made for the users. The revenue we anticipate is based on the usage. Thus, understanding market demand is the first and foremost step. To accomplish the desired goal, make sure to answer three questions:

  • What does the market need?
  • How to pitch the product to reach the targeted audience? And
  • Where to communicate?

To find answers to these three questions, search for stats and insights, ask questions on the forums, check the trends, build an MVP version, or conduct a poll.

  1. Offer value: 

A good app can come handy without much investment and turn out to be successful too. For example, Candy Crush game, the application was made for the age group of 8-12 years old, but it turned out to be an absolute all age favorite. Candy Crush is said to be the greatest stress buster by the users.

Even the simplest form of application that offers value garners a huge fan base. If planning for an application, mark benefits to the user. It will keep them motivated enough to download.

  1. User-friendly application:

Another crucial tip for the application developers is to keep it user-friendly. The face is relatable for both B2B and B2C apps. Research has proved that users are more inclined towards simple yet intuitive mobile apps. A simple mobile application does not obstruct data usage. Easy UI adds a good feeling for the users and consequently attracts many others to try.

  1. Uptop design and look: 

The quality of the product depends on the ability, talent, and work of the development team. Being said that, the design also affects the usage of the app. The appearance can attract multiple users to the application. Top players in the market also come up with multiple upgrades enhancing the look and design to keep the users hooked.

  1. Regular upgradation:

The final tip for the application developers is to plan for regular up-gradation. Getting users is a difficult task but retaining them is also a thing to focus on for keeping the popularity intact. From design to technical details, everything will encounter heavy competition. To combat the competition, it will be necessary to keep the application updated.

Final Thoughts!

Developing a head-on application isn’t a very difficult task. However, heavy competition has a high chance of taking the thunder away. The simple and precise way to float over it is to go for a user-focused application and keep working on it.