What is Cyber Security and its Importance?

Anything online is at risk of malware attack or hacking. Therefore the concept of cyber security becomes the next topic to be mindful of. Cyber security and its importance are increasing day by day.

With plenty of applications, online platforms, and technological gadgets, online safety becomes as important as another. You cannot just visit a website or download some link just because you are told to.

In fact, cyber security is important as most of our data, computers, servers, electronic systems, mobile devices, etc. are online and therefore its defending approach is all up to the user.

However, not everyone is pretty vigilant to pick the hidden meaning of cyber security. So in this article, we shall take a quick look at what are the benefits of using cyber security and whether it is worthwhile or not.

Why is Mitrais the best cyber security provider?

If you want to keep your online computer-based system free from malware or attack, using cyber security consulting is a wise move. However, it is no less than a challenging task to find a reliable platform for that.

Therefore, Mitrais is offering you the most skilled and efficient staff and a team of 600 software developers who are always ready to take up your task. What makes the team reliable is the hands-on experience of more than 30 years in the software industry.

Mitrais is an Indonesia-based company and has certified staff for managing most of the cyber security tasks efficiently. The Mitrais Cyber security consulting services are not only seamless but also provide the best results with quality assurance.

Most Common Cyber Security Attacks

Cyber-attack and the risk of getting hacked are something that every online person has. From user-end to companies, everyone who has an online presence has to make a defensive system by taking help from cyber security services that can fight against:

  •         Malware, including ransomware, botnet software, RATs (remote access Trojans), rootkits and bootkits, spyware, Trojans, viruses, and worms.
  •         Backdoors, which allow remote access
  •         Foam Jacking, which inserts malicious code into online forms
  •         Cryptojacking, which installs unauthorized cryptocurrency mining software
  •         DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks, which overflood servers, systems, and networks with traffic cause trouble offline
  •         DNS (domain name system) poisoning

The Benefits of Using Mitrais Cyber Security Consulting

No doubt, if you hire a professional cyber security service for consulting, it will help you manifold. However, Mitrais offers you the specified team that can handle bulk tasks with zero accuracy errors. Some of the benefits are:

Affordable and simplified

Moreover, the on-time task delivery with affordability factor and the simplified process keep your cyber and cloud-based system free from any potential threats. Efficient malware detection is another reason why you can totally lean on the Mitrais cyber security consulting services all in all.

Robust assurance of cyber security

The assurance of guarding business data and guarding email access vulnerabilities makes them beneficial for businesses and many working alliances.

All time access

The 24/7 access privilege lets you connect whenever you want. Your privacy and the business cyber vulnerability become the most important part of the team and they prioritize your work. That’s to help maintain workflow and make sure you get instant help.

Wider gamut to cyber security

No matter what cyber security niche you belong to, at Mitrais you have everything under control. That makes it another level beneficial for your demand.

For instance, here you have the solution to database security, application security, cloud security, asset and monitoring, threat intelligence, web and mail security, network and perimeter security, endpoint security, and more. You literally feel safe from the cyber security point of view once you hire Mitrais developers!

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