Salesforce DX for Added Data Security on Salesforce Platform

Data security is one of the most important things in today’s data-oriented services, and especially in one of the major important domains of app development. The entire release management project can get nullified and catastrophic if data security is not maintained during the project and development. That is why the platforms for app development like Salesforce are made with extreme security features, and ways are continuously researched and implemented always to enhance security, as more and more data threats are emerging every day globally. One such security enhancement tool you can implement on your current Salesforce platforms is Salesforce DX, which is not just the tool for security, but a lot more than that. Implementing Salesforce DX would help in faster deployments, greater data security, easier release management, business revenue growth, more control on processes and so much more.

Try the best native solution of Salesforce DX to feel the difference

One of the best reasons to use DX is its 100% native release solution which you can enjoy more when you are aided with DX expertise and implementation solutions like The difference from other similar solutions is that third-party servers like Heroku, AWS, etc. are not used by it. Rather a completely embedded version control is used, which is designed to enhance the power of Salesforce such that data security gets stronger and no data needs to leave the boundaries of Salesforce. This is the native solution which makes DX special. Most importantly, the staff and developers who are helping you would not have access to your data too or the app. Another unique feature about the solution is that it’s authorized to run on government cloud, which makes it even more reliable.

Other fascinating features about Salesforce DX

  • With the application of DX you can review the code changes made in the sandbox of every app developer and then approve it as required.
  • Every deployment can be secured with additional security measures like approval and sign-offs with electronic sign and audits.
  • Deployment can be tracked based on user stories. A multiple number of aggregates can be used to modify components.
  • App made for healthcare can be certified with FDA compliance.
  • Apps can be tested in developer sandboxes with real data.
  • Developer sandboxes can be synced with just a click.
  • Team collaboration can be improved with handing off new features and user stories along with QA.

Get benefitted in every way

Overall the speed of delivery increased with how work gets managed at an increased pace, and deliveries get streamlined. Businesses get empowered with the practical approach and ease of use of Salesforce DX together with the aid of services that make its integration even simpler and realistic.


The advent of Salesforce DX is truly to make the job of app development and release management easier and methodical than ever. The open source tool has such immense potential in increasing work efficiency on Salesforce that working with it would feel like bliss.

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