Remote Interviews: Tips To Conduct Productive Interviews

Remote Interviews: Tips To Conduct Productive Interviews

“Work from home,” “remote working,” “flexible working hours,” etc., are all terms that have been heard almost everywhere – in the news, organizational meetings, new blogs and articles, and so on. Well, can we just sum it up by saying that the ultimate cause is the pandemic, – I don’t think it should be right. Do you? Of course, each of our opinions differs, which isn’t something new either.

But the notable aspect here is that the pandemic is still isn’t wholly eradicated, and yet, people are trying to go along with the normal that’s quite new, terming it as “New Normal.” However, organizations, as well as individuals who have understood the benefits of this remote working, are willing to carry on the same irrelevant to the pandemic or the crisis.

Well, the willingness to continue working remotely is different, but then, whom and how do you choose someone to work remotely? Definitely it requires a little excess effort than earlier to figure out the right candidate for your organization. And a small part of this yet that makes a huge difference is what we are going to discuss in this article.

Remote Interview

One of the greatest advantages of enhancing remote working in any organization is the talent management is not limited to a particular zone or area. The limitations are broken and given access to wider integration as well as the opportunity to look for the right fit on a much broader geographical area, unlike before.

However, the advantage can be enjoyed only when the interview goes well and smoothly, accomplishing its core purpose. But the concern is “How?” The concern has arisen because, as the new normal is emerging, the way we were doing things demands a change. And it is not going to be easy unless we find the right path.

Of course, once you get the hang of it as an HR manager, you indeed can master it. And the technology’s improvement is such a boon in situations where many platforms comprising factoHR, RecuritCRM, Eclipse, etc., remain helpful to make things and HR process completion possible.

Top Tips For A Productive Remote Interview

I have heard a lot of experiences from the interviewers and the interviewees and tried to understand where and how exactly can we make the best out of the entire process that takes place on an online or video conference . Based on that, I’m presenting to you a few tips that will help you in achieving the interview’s goal.

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Stay Organized And Equipped With Right Tech Devices To Shun The Mishaps

Today’s technology has risen to that extent where even a layperson can get access to any tech tool. But then, easy access or availability doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. Analyze and go through the available and quality tools. If possible, arrange a demo or trial before you could actually start the interview.

Since the interview is remote, your technological tools play a vital role, and it is these tools that determine the entire flow of the interview process. So make sure that every tiny aspect, including the microphone, camera, internet connections, and the software or the application that is already decided upon, is all set in place and is in-tact.  Well, once all is checked, don’t forget to charge your necessary pieces of stuff.

Groom And Present Yourself Professionally

For many managers, the fact of dressing up well doesn’t really seem to be the important aspect. Well, if you are also one of them, I’m sorry to say you are wrong. Whether we agree or not, the first impression matters, and it does represent your company as well. Especially at times where many interviewers are taking up the sessions from their houses, for many, it does appeal to dress up just for a few minutes, whereas the others are just too lethargic.

And another aspect to not overlook is the atmosphere from where you desire to take up the interviews. See to that the background and the surroundings aren’t distractive. As simple as it is, but means a lot for your candidates. Of course, be it dressing or the background, it cannot be imposed on you, as in the end, the choice is yours. But in the end, along with the choices comes the consequences as well.

Be Proactive And Enlighten Yourself With Basic Etiquette

It is a normal notion that, as managers, there are certain expectations from the candidates on how they behave and interact. Similarly, even before you could schedule an interview, get to know certain etiquettes that might give an excellent impression. More than just an impression, it will help you in improving the quality of your interview process. Some of the etiquettes include –

  • Since the interviews are online, it is quite challenging to understand the cue if the candidate has completed his\ her part of talking. Therefore, give a few seconds to make sure of the situation, and then carry on.
  • In case you are working from home, set up a proper workspace and maintain professionalism. Keep your things organized and neat, be it the table or the surrounding.
  • Make sure distractions are completely out of sight and out of mind as well. Quite challenging and yet important. Because, I hope you might not want this for you, right?
  • Try all the ways feasible to make sure that the candidate feels comfortable and engaged. Give him enough time to express himself as long as the conversation is a part of the interview questions.
  • As much as possible, enhance the process to be two-way communication. Make an effort to understand that the remote interview is difficult for the candidate as much as it is for you. So encourage them to ask and be willing to answer.
  • Be prepared with all the questions you are about to ask. Make sure that you have the candidate’s resume or CV with you and other necessary details.
  • Ensure that all information regarding the meetings is properly conveyed that the candidate doesn’t feel left hanging in the air. This information may include the following –
  • How many and who will be present in the interview panel
  • What platform, application, or software will be used
  • Specify if the interview requires the video or is it optional
  • You can also include the tips you want them to follow for a smooth process from the candidate’s end.
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Concentrate, Listen And Pay Attention To The Expressions And Voice Tones

Well, this is another important factor. When the interviews are done face to face, it is much easier to understand the other. Whereas, Online interviews need a little more effort. Keep your voice calm but audible. Focus and understand what the other has to say, giving the candidate enough time. 56% of the managers assess the cultural fit by observing behavioral cues during the interview.

Under a normal phenomenon, when we communicate with others, most of the communication is done non-verbally. But as mentioned, it is difficult to understand what one tries to convey only with words. Thus, there is an inevitable need to focus on what is said and how it is said. It also includes observing the body posture, gestures, voice modulations, smiles, etc., from you as a manager as well as the candidate.

Conclude The Interview Rightly

Although this tip may sound a little unimportant, kindly remember that this last part is what will have a more prolonged impact on you as a manager as well as on your organization. Do not be in a hurry to get done with the meeting. Convey the further proceedings, how and when clearly. Clarify to the interviewee what is expected from him further, or if you want to get back to him or her later, please specify.

This small act of yours with concern will help build a sense of confidence and a long-lasting impression for the candidate. Therefore, make sure all went well, ask for suggestions, and conclude with a warm greeting.

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Never Overlook A BackUp Plan

The Future is unpredictable. As many times as we have come across this statement, it cannot disagree as this single statement holds the truth. But then, it doesn’t matter if we do not know what might happen, but we can obviously be prepared for anything to happen. At least there is so much insight that all of us are blessed with. Thus, despite the fact that you have everything planned and organized intact, it would still be incomplete unless you have a backup plan ready.

The backup may be related to the technology, in case the platform you chose failed at the last moment, or can be even a backup for your own self, in case you cannot make it up for the interview. Ensure that any of your colleagues are nominated in your place to carry on with the interview, in spite of your absence.


Experiences matter a lot. It really doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro. You and I can always find ways to make things better. And so with the interview. It is said that the face is a mirror of your heart, and that’s one reason why the impact of the face-to-face interviews are better as you can identify the cues cornering the other.

But still, that doesn’t mean that video interviews aren’t effective. When utilized the right tools and implemented the right tips, you would never know, it might turn out better than the former one. Have a great experience and share them with us. Because, learning is truly a never-ending process.

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