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Kakashi – He played a crucial role in preventing a potential conflict between Konoha and Iwagakure during Kakashi Hiden. The Tobishachimaru, essentially a flying ship, was something Konoha had assisted in creating. A terrorist group that was determined to release their leader from the Blood Prison boarded the ship. Onoki warned Tsunade that if the situation reached Iwagakure territory, he would take matters into his own hands. With the assistance of one of the former terrorists, Kahyo, Kakashi was able to prevent a catastrophe.

In addition to rescuing the day, Kakashi made his first significant choices as the new Hokage in Kakashi Hiden. Kahyo was not killed; rather, he appointed her as the Blood Prison’s new warden. She was a good choice because her Chains of Ice jutsu would negate any attempts at escape. The fact that he decided to give Kahyo another chance rather than execute her also revealed the kind of Hokage he would become.

Naruto missed his inauguration as expected, but this time it wasn’t his fault because he was unconscious. Even so, Kakashi was forced into scramble mode, and to keep things moving, he asked Konohamaru to pretend to be Naruto. It unexpectedly worked and demonstrated Kakashi’s fast thinking. He never buckles under pressure from any issue. He consistently maintains his composure, something he frequently shows in the series.

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