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[Free Download] 85+ Obito PFP – Best Aesthetic Obito Uchiha PFP

by Ganesh Kolekar

Obito – Madara, one of the co-founders of Konoha Village before turning into the main antagonist of the story, has been linked to the Uchiha surname. Obito eventually meets Madara, who trains him to carry on his lineage and construct the ideal Ninja world, after nearly losing his life while on a mission. Obito refers to Madara as his priceless forefather when they first interact. Obito’s statement might indicate that he is a direct ancestor of the legendary ninja. It does give some insight into why Madara adopted his moniker after taking over as the Akatsuki’s leader.

Naruto is a terrible father who does a terrible job. Birthday celebrations are skipped, he writes emails to his children rather than talking to them, and he generally avoids them. When he does converse with Boruto, which is infrequently, they either argue or, once in a while, actually enjoy each other as father and son. Of course, Naruto then acts carelessly once more.

Naruto may assume his children are stronger than his shenanigans, but his conduct severely affects Boruto’s. He grows more obstinate, defiant, and sluggish the more he feels neglected, angry, and irrelevant. He has tried hard, but unsuccessfully, to attract Naruto’s attention.

Boruto cares a lot about the people he loves, despite the fact that he can be very selfish at times. In order to aid his kidnapped friend, he broke orders and slipped out of Konoha. He will go to great lengths to keep his mother and sister safe.

He openly opposes Naruto, but he’s never been more enraged than when Naruto skipped Himawari’s birthday. He dispatched a shadow clone rather than making an appearance. Boruto reprimanded his own father for being so cruel to Himawari. He might have gotten into big trouble, but he didn’t give a damn. Naruto in this instance paid attention and attended Himawari’s make-up birthday party.

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Obito PFP

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Obito pfp gif

Sad obito pfp


Here we tried to compile all the best Obito PFP on the internet. Hope you like it. This post should make it easier for you to download all the images.

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