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[Free Download] 75+ Gaara PFP – Best Aesthetic Gaara PFP

Sunagakure’s Gaara (Gaara) is a shinobi. The peasants of Suna were terrified of him since he was made the jinchuriki of the One-Tailed Shukaku before he was even born. Gaara was raised hating the world and only thinking about himself, giving his life purpose by murdering anybody he came across because he had no one to relate to. Gaara begins imitating Naruto Uzumaki after losing to him since he is a jinchuriki like him who found strength in his relationships. He ascends to the position of Suna’s Fifth Kazekage (, Godaime Kazekage, literally: Fifth Wind Shadow) in order to defend the community and all its residents and allay the worries he had instilled in them.

Early in childhood, Gaara was brought up alone, his father teaching him ninjutsu, and his maternal uncle Yashamaru looking after him. Gaara would make an effort to interact with the people when he was permitted to wander the hamlet, being kind to them and providing them with any help he could. The fact that Gaara was a jinchuriki, however, made the villagers afraid of him; adults avoided him and, when they couldn’t, treated him tenderly, while kids would flee from him at the first sign of trouble. Gaara would try to reassure them that he didn’t mean any harm, but accidently harm or even kill them with his sand in the process. Gaara was shielded from harm by his sand, thus he was oblivious to the suffering he was causing others. Gaara begged Yashamaru to explain the pain to him when he was six years old. Yashamaru’s explanation led Gaara to believe that he indeed experienced pain—an excruciating misery in his heart.

Gaara is fair-skinned, has green eyes, and short auburn hair that was formerly spiky but has now grown into combed hair with a right part. He lacks distinguishing eyebrows or pupils, the latter of which people occasionally make fun of. Gamabunta believes that his lifelong tanuki-like black eye rings are a result of insomnia. He carved the character for “love” (, ai) on his left side of the forehead as a young child; his hair is parted to allow it to be seen. In Part II, many Suna girls begin to think Gaara is attractive.

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