Getting Started with ESPN on Frontier

Right after you establish a cable TV connection, one of the first things many people do is search for their favorite channels. In numerous households, there’s always someone enthusiastic about sports. Therefore, locating the ESPN channel on your Frontier cable service is essential. Frontier provides an extensive array of channels, prominently featuring ESPN, for comprehensive entertainment.

Finding ESPN on Frontier: A Simple Guide

Just as HBO is a staple on Frontier, ESPN is readily available too. However, many subscribers are initially unsure about the channel number. This uncertainty is common, and you’ll likely find yourself scanning through channel guides to locate your preferred station. To alleviate this hassle, we’ve compiled a straightforward list to help you quickly find ESPN on Frontier.

ESPN Channel Numbers on Frontier

  • ESPN: Channel 70 (SD), Channel 570 (HD)
  • ESPN2: Channel 74 (SD), Channel 574 (HD)
  • ESPNews: Channel 72 (SD), Channel 572 (HD)
  • ESPN Deportes: Channel 1520 (SD), Channel 1537 (HD)
  • ESPN Basic: Channel 310 (SD only)

Frontier TV Packages Including ESPN

Frontier’s TV packages are diverse, ensuring that ESPN channels are accessible to a wide audience. Below is a breakdown of these packages:

  • TV Prime: Includes all ESPN channels
  • TV Extreme: Offers all ESPN channels, including ESPNews
  • TV Ultimate: Features comprehensive access to all ESPN channels

ESPN on Frontier is not only a popular choice for sports enthusiasts but also a testament to Frontier’s expansive reach in the cable market, akin to the NFL Network on FiOS.

Why Opt for ESPN on Frontier?

ESPN has been a cornerstone of sports broadcasting since its inception in 1979 by Scott and Bill Rasmussen. It’s a joint venture between Hearst Communications and The Walt Disney Company. Known for its extensive coverage across various sports, ESPN on Frontier mirrors the popularity of channels like Paramount Network on FiOS.

The Rich Variety of Sports on ESPN

From golf to basketball, soccer, and baseball, ESPN’s coverage is diverse and engaging. It’s the go-to network for sports fans across the country, offering an unmatched variety in sports broadcasting.

ESPN Online Access with Frontier

With Frontier, the excitement of sports doesn’t stop at your TV. You can access ESPN on Frontier online, which is included with your cable plan. For those who prefer mobile viewing, the ESPN app is an ideal solution. A stable internet connection ensures that you can enjoy ESPN’s content anytime, anywhere.


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