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Omnichannel customer service software

Omnichannel customer service software

Omnichannel customer support software allows you to use just one single software as the operator workplace and communicate with your customer using multiple different communication channels.

Usually, the customer-operator online interaction starts with a chat. First, a visitor creates a conversation using a chatbox on your website. Then, your operator will reply from the txt.me app.


The difference between omnichannel software and normal live chat begins once the visitor closes its web browser. Since the visitor is not online anymore, there is just nowhere for a simple live chat to send the operator’s replies. Hence the business loses its customer.

txt.me handles this problem differently. We encourage the visitors to leave their email addresses and connect their messengers like Whatsapp to the chat. They can do it by scanning QR codes or by simply entering their data. Once we have their backup communication channels, we can send your operators’ replies there even if the visitor is not on your website anymore.

From the operator’s point of view, there have been no changes, the conversation continues, it seamlessly switching between different transports, but it looks like a normal chat.

txt.me, as a proper omnichannel customer support software, automatically determines the best transport from the available ones to deliver each of the messages.

The same happens on the other side of the communication. Even in the free version, txt.me provides omnichannel-platform software available as desktop versions for Windows and macOS and mobiles ones for Android and iOS. So an operator can answer first messages from an office computer and continue from a mobile phone having a coffee somewhere outside.

In the paid version, you have the freedom to have your own private phone numbers and emails for customer support. This means that the customers can start conversations not only from your website’s live chat but by directly sending the first message to your email or Whatsapp number.

The live chat itself can be easily installed on any website by copy-pasting the HTML code and free live chat plugin for WordPress. We offer full customization. You can change all the appearance and make it looks as close to your website as possible. The same goes for outgoing emails.

Our free live chat app can be installed in minutes.

  1. Register on the site to get access to your admin panel.
  2. Install txt.me on the site in one minute. Add a small snippet to your site or install txt.me as a free plugin.
  3. Create your widget for a live chat in the admin panel of txt.me.
  4. Start talking to your customers.

Operator Workplace

1 Operator

Mac App

iPhone App

Messages workflow

Cross-browser customizable widget

Customize chat box

Unlimited history

Outgoing email to offline visitors

Incoming email from offline visitors

Document/images as attachments

Send Screenshots

No new chats for old conversations

Extra features

Customer reviews

WordPress free live chat plugin

Get our free app now and enter a new era of customer care.

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