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xResolver – What is it? Alternatives For xResolver

xResolver – What is it? Alternatives For xResolver

What is xResolver?

The database benefit known as xResolver records gamertags and IP addresses of gamers on the PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. Username and gamer tags are specifically covered by xResolver against pirates. Converting user names and gamer tags into IP addresses is xResolver’s main job.

In order to scrape data, such as an Xbox player’s username, IP address, and ISP address, xResolver contains an Xbox resolver.

How does xResolver work?

  • The first step is downloading of xresolver.com from the official website
  • Choose Xbox or PlayStation Resolver (Choose an appropriate option)
  • Enter the Xbox Gamer tag to convert it to an IP address.
  • As an alternative, you may make the Xbox gamer tag using your IP address.
  • Then click “Resolve.”

Alternative to xResolver

1. Octosniff


This website filters out packets and decrypts usernames. It links the IP address to the username in PlayStation games and enables packet collection from Xbox games. Windows, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox Series X, PS3, PS4, and PS5 are all compatible with this.

It is an affordable solution that is easy to set up and use, in addition to providing ongoing assistance and helpful training. One benefit of xResolver is that it is malware-free.

Website – https://octosniff.net/

2. Xboxonebooter


You may win by using this website to boot other gamers by obtaining their IP addresses from your Xbox console. How can one win a game? So, this is one method through which a gamer might discover the IP address of another player and conduct an attack to disconnect them.

In the spirit of unhealthy competitiveness, the website even provides a full tutorial on how to kick another gamer by searching up their IP address. It prepares attacks targeting layers four and seven in order to disconnect users.

Website:- https://xboxonebooter.com/

3. Lanc Remastered PCPS

Lanc Remastered PCPS

It may be quickly and easily set up, and it is totally free resolver. Any video game you play, including Xbox, PC, PlayStation, and Lanc Remastered PCPS, is compatible. It comes as an application that you may set up on your computer. Online access is available to its database. It is among the top xResolver substitutes.

Website:- https://lancremasteredpcps.com/

4. Consolesniffer


They are open about their advantages and disadvantages, some of which include the limitations on single-player games and the fact that they are only compatible with Windows-based computers. The gaming application does not need to be jailbroken or illegally hacked in order to be altered utilising this IP grabber.

For $20, you may purchase lifelong assistance from them using a Visa, Bitcoin, or Paypal account. They immediately get to work. It functions across all platforms and supports VPN.

Website:- https://www.consolesniffer.com/

5. Psycho Coding

Psycho Coding

In addition to allowing you to view Xbox gaming data, it provides VPN servers in 7 different countries. These places include Hillsboro, Germany, Hillsboro, France, London, Sydney, Canada, and Eygelshoven.

Website:- https://psychocoding.net/


So, you see, it is all about xResolver and some of its best alternatives. These are simple and exact similar to xResolver with similar benefits and properties.

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