Facts Regarding Dirt in Gaming Consoles

Dirt is all around us. It is a menace to the civilization of current times. We cannot do without dirt. There is no single place where dirt cannot be found. What has to be remembered is that in our biosphere, this dirt of microorganisms forms an inherent part that is largely problematic. Hygiene has to be maintained throughout so that this dirt can be avoided without any complications. If hygiene is not given enough priority, it will almost surely lead to several different concerns and complications which are never desirable.

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Importance of hygiene

Hygiene is of immense importance and the reasons are discussed as follows:

  • The most important reason is that proper following of hygiene-related protocols can lead to the prevention of several diseases and such a situation is always desirable. No one wants unnecessary healthcare complications.
  • With a proper following of hygiene protocols, it can be found that there is a considerable increase in the overall society as well as the professional type of acceptance in the society.
  • One can prevent different kinds of pain while following all the required protocols of hygiene.
  • It also leads to increased self-confidence, esteem, and so on.

Dirt in gaming consoles

It is a truth universally acknowledged that currently, video games have received exponential popularity among the masses. But what goes on beneath the popularity is the fact that most of the gaming consoles are incredibly dirty. There are mind-blowing facts available to support the assertion that the dirt in all kinds of gaming consoles has increased rapidly and is, even more, increasing in current times.

The awareness of people regarding dirt in gaming consoles

Most of the people who engage in video games daily are not aware of the immense amount of dirt in their gaming consoles. They go on to enjoy their games as much as they can and do not care how much dirt they are encountering daily. This article tries to examine that and bring into awareness the various facts relating to dirt in gaming consoles.

Some facts concerning the dirt in gaming consoles

  • Play Station which is by far the most popular among users is also the most unclean according to studies done. In terms of the number of bacteria present, it is the highest. Interestingly, there are about 2.4 times more bacteria found here than can be found on a toilet seat. This number is huge when it comes to hygiene. The number of bacterial colonies formed on the joysticks is about 190 which is way higher than a kitchen surface. The average is about 72.5 colonies of bacteria per area of the console.
  • A mouse swab that is median in the case of a PC shall show about 247.5 colony forming units approximately. The median is about 115 overall if the entirety is considered at large in the case of a PC.
  • The cleanest among the lot if numbers are to be believed comparatively is the Nintendo switch. Albeit the number that is 55 colony per swab is higher than a toilet seat but still it is an immensely significant figure as it performs tremendously better than the rest. In terms of hygiene, thus the switch is the best that can be found.
  • One interesting fact regarding the controller of the game is that by far the handle is the dirtiest as there about 73 colonies of bacteria can be found which is a pretty huge number in general.
  • Both Play station and X Box compete for market domination and to sort of increase their market share but studies have shown time and again that both the platforms have serious hygiene-related issues and several bacteria can be found to grow there and prosper there as a colony which in the long run will lead to multiple complications.
  • Often it might be wondered which kind of microorganisms can be found here in the gaming consoles. Interestingly, there are many different kinds found, and that included mould and bacillus and micrococcus and so on.

Ways to counter it

  • Awareness is needed regarding hygiene priorities.
  • Unplugging of consoles should be done.
  • A dry cloth can be used for multiple cleaning purposes.
  • The surface underneath the console has to be wiped with due diligence too as that can lead to several issues.
  • The cleaning solution used should always be free of bleach.


Thus, through this article, we explored the importance of hygiene and some interesting facts concerning dirty gaming consoles. The methods to counter them have been discussed too.