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Who is Ronnie Teja? Founder of Branzio Watches

Ronnie Teja

Ronnie Teja is a big name in the E-commerce industry. He is the owner of a luxurious brand of watches, Branzio watches.

Ronnie Teja strongly believes that you should never give up. It doesn’t matter how challenging things may appear. Throughout his career, Ronnie has experienced numerous difficulties. But he never lost hope and always remained persisted. He finally overcomes all these difficulties and has become a successful entrepreneur.

He is a source of motivation for many people and therefore will continue moving the e-commerce sector ahead.In this blog post, we’ll explain who is Ronnie Teja and also how heachieved his goals:

Who is Ronnie Teja?

Ronnie Teja is the CEO of the renowned brand Branzio watches.He is a professional digital marketer, successful entrepreneur, and international public speaker. Ronnie is a great founder of many e-commercebusinesses.

At the age of barely 18, he founded his first business.Ronnie knows very well which things make him a successful businessman. He is very passionate about using innovative technologies and methods on his brand’s websites to have a beneficial effect on hisbusiness.

He has vast experience in the e-Commerce sector. Ronnie used his previous work experience in increasing his online business by creating 15+ e-commerce sites.  He has hired only 75+ members for his businesswhich is expanding globally.

Ronnie’s speeches are more informative and helpful. His talks always give participants useful advice and tactics they can apply to grow their enterprises.

If you want to start an online business then Ronnie will assist you in growing your business online. Ronnie provides you with guidance on everything from website building to digital marketing. He helps a lot of e-commerce websites to grow and flourish through his expertise and public speaking skills.

Ronnie Teja’s fruitful advice for E-commerce Business:

“Your patience, hard work, and dedication are the basic principles of a successful business”

Ronnie is also the founder of several other famous online businesses. His online businesses supply a lot of productsranging from watches to men’s jewelry.

Ronnie Teja’s successful business: Branzio Watches

Ronnie Teja started his online business in 2018 as Bronzio watches. The online watch storespecializes in selling high-quality and premium watches in fifty countries.

Men’s watches are his brand’s main product. He is selling these watches to about 50 nations and is still motivated to expand this online business to more than one-fifty countries.

Ronnie increases his brand online sales by using conversion rate optimization techniques. Ronnie’s handles almost 15 online business websites that make mid-8 figures in revenue each year.

Nowadays, Branzio watches are considered the top most successful E-commerce business. He has only a 30-member team for this famous brand.He is well aware of the fact that it’s critical to manage a brand business that’s why he always keeps an eye on his business progress and necessary changes needed.

Ronnie’s said:

“Versatility is important to us, we make unique watches in a variety of different styles and color combinations that may be worn every day, in every circumstance. Additionally, watches have interchangeable straps making it easy to select the ideal fit for your costume”

He emphasized that having a love for your work is key to a successful business. Ronnie Teja used his fifteen years of knowledge to establish a strong supply chain.

Ronnie Teja talks about the charity through his brand’s online sales:

“We are giving $5 for each watch we are selling to grassroots foundations to benefit underprivileged urban and rural populations and communities.

Ronnie Teja shares his business experience with the people that not do these things in the E-commerce business. Giving a salary bonus to inspire employees has been a mistake I’ve made during the past five years. That was absolute to increase sales. This is not the method to follow. A personalized present, a letter, or simply a lovely handwritten note from a trip are much better motivating strategies. We still give incentives, but only to workers who agree with our core values.

Ronnie Teja’s Success and core values

His core values include trusting yourself and continuously struggling.After a flawless run of increased sales of his businesses, Ronnie Teja maintained his modesty. He established a legacy business and made sure his workers and their family members are financially stable. Heencouraged many people as a public speaker, but he still felt it is necessary to repay those who had helped him out in his hour of need.

“The potential for growth is great, and the entry barriers are lower”

He advised that this is the right time to start your online business. Anyone can succeed in eCommerce business with the proper strategy.

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