Walmart Call Out/Call In Number To Call In Sick as a Walmart Employee

Walmart Call Out Number: What does it mean?

Callers can reach Walmart at 800-492-5678. The Walmart Associates utilise this number to report any unscheduled absences. You would be required to provide details like your DOB, WIN along with your name and the shop number if you called this number.

What is a WIN?

Each Walmart employee is given a personal identifier called a Walmart Identification Number (WIN). When an employee calls in sick or reports being absent, they are identified by this number.

You can examine your most recent pay stub or ask your boss to help you determine your WIN.

How to Call in Sick at Walmart: Some Tips

Now that you are aware of the procedure for calling in sick at Walmart, keep reading for some advice on how to ensure that your absence is accurately recorded:

    • Keep your Walmart Identification Number (WIN) close at hand. This is required to record your absence.
    • If at all feasible, attempt to call in ill at least three hours prior to the start of your shift.
    • Prepare yourself to go into great detail about your symptoms or injuries.
    • Keep in mind that you should only report sick if you are truly ill. Falsely reporting a sick day can result in disciplinary action and is seen as fraud.

Steps to call in number to call in sick as a Walmart Employee

  1. Enter your Walmart Identification Number when prompted (WIN).
  2. After that, you must input your birthday (month, day, year).
  3. Your shop number will then be required.
  4. After that, a confirmation number will be sent.
  5. Finally, you’ll be connected with your shop manager, who will ask for the confirmation number and some other information on your anticipated tardiness or absence.

Can I Submit a Request for Sickness Online at Walmart?

The majority of Walmart employees are aware of the One Walmart website, where they may file a claim for missing work or a shift. How to register an ailment online at Walmart: 

  • Use your WIN, birthday, and store number to log into your One Walmart Employee account.
  • Open the option for “Report absence.”
  • To choose the type of reporting, choose from three options. Include a justification for missing your shift as well.
  • Finally, choose the injury or symptom from the list that you are presently experiencing. Select “Submit.”


So, this is all about Walmart call out/ call in number to call in sick as a Walmart employee. It is imperative to take all the steps with care and precaution to avoid penal liabilities.

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