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Vivaldi’s Reading List Feature is now Available on Android Devices


Do you often use your Android device for web browsing and want to save great articles or stories for later reading? If yes, then Vivaldi 5.2 for Android has got you covered. The much-requested reading list is now available now on Vivaldi for android to help you save web pages, stories and articles you want to save later.

Reading just got better with Vivaldi 5.2 on Android

Oftentimes most of us find interesting reads while browsing on mobile devices but have to leave for some reasons. But this shouldn’t prevent you from reading that great piece of writing. This is where Vivaldi’s reading list for Android devices comes to action. You can save articles and stories in the reading list so you can read them later in free time.

Reading list was introduced by Vivaldi for desktop earlier in their 5.1 update. And now Android users can also save their favorite pages into the reading list to read them later with Vivaldi 5.2 for Android. To add a web page to the reading list, you just need to visit the page or story you want to save and tap on the icon displayed on the top to see menu options. You can then see the reading list in the drop-down panel. Simply tap on the ‘Add Current Page’ option and the page will be saved in the list. Just like on Vivaldi browser for desktop, you can also manage the list for read/unread stats to stay on top of readings.

Sync All the Saved Pages Across Multiple Devices

As reading list is available on both desktop and Android browsers, Vivaldi users now can sync all the saved pages and stories easily across different devices they use for browsing. As a result you can view all the pages saved in reading list using any desktop or Android device.

To sync a reading list across devices, you just need to sign in with Vivaldi account on devices you want to sync the reading list with. Due to end-to-end encryption, syncing data and reading list is safe and secure.

New Translate Panel for Easier and Quick Translation

Team Vivaldi is thriving to give Android users more productivity options so they can enjoy a better browsing experience. What mobile users browse shouldn’t come with language barriers. This is the reason; they have launched Vivaldi Translation Panel for Android.

With help of this feature, Android users can select a particular text and translate it into a required language within a matter of moments. The users can see both original and translated text all at once. They can also switch the target languages in real time to understand the content in best way possible.

Whether you want to translate the entire page or a few lines of the page, the translation panel will work greatly for you. If you need to translate a snippet, there is no need to translate the entire page but you can select the lines and translate into a particular language without leaving the page. The new translation feature added in the Vivaldi for Android provides mobile users with a superb way to translate text for effective learning and vibrant communication. You can also set the option for auto translation when you browse pages written with other languages. This saves your time and provide you with an excellent mobile browsing experience.

A great thing about this new translation panel is that all the translated pages will be saved in the history for easy retrieval. A user can easily get back to the translated pages without translating them again and again. You can find the recently translated pages via Panels. Since the only Vivaldi server is involved in the translation process, there is nothing to worry about that the third parties are watching or tracking you.


The team Vivaldi is passionate to provide its users with amazing and interesting perks and features to make browsing easier and productive. If you also want to enjoy these advanced features on your Android device, be quick to download Vivaldi 5.2 on Android or upgrade your Vivaldi browser to 5.2 version. You can download the browser from Official website of Vivaldi or from Google Play store for different Android devices.

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