Top 5 POS Restaurant Trends for 2019

In a world where the way of businesses changes every day, it can be hard to stay up on what changes matter while sorting out the changes that really don’t matter. That’s why this article had to come to light, as many restaurant owners found themselves confused and overwhelmed with information about the new changes within the industry. It’s time for the confusion to cease once and for all as we evaluate the top restaurant POS software trends of 2019.

In order to clear that up, here are the top 5 POS trends for the restaurant industry everyone needs to pay attention to in 2019. Maybe it’ll help you change your business up for the better. Time will tell.

1. Customer Experience Gets a Deeper Look

From pinpointing service delays to rewarding customers for sharing their experience, 2019 brings a more modern way to evaluate the overall customer experience. Providing the data that you and your managers need to enhance the experience wherever possible.

2. Digital Inventory Management Replaces Dated Methods

Gone are the days where you got to grab the clipboard and dread having writer’s cramp when it’s time to do the inventory. Not to mention, guessing how much you need to order so that you can fulfill any spikes in sales that may occur or having less than the minimum amount needed to ensure a flawless operation. Digital inventory management is growing in popularity and is sure to help restaurant owners see maximal profitability.

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3. Ghost Restaurants Come to the Surface

For those who don’t know, ghost restaurants are the ones where there’s no sitting in their restaurant to eat. Instead, they only provide food delivery, and this helps reduce overhead as well as makes for a highly efficient operation overall. It’s got the potential to bring in a new breed of entrepreneurs looking to start a restaurant with a minimal investment initially.

4. Mobile Payments May Become the Standard

At first, mobile payments weren’t fully integrated or understood. Many saw them as more trouble than they were worth. Over recent years, POS software has worked hard to integrate the most popular mobile payment options used today. With this said, 2019 is sure to be a year where we finally see a full integration of mobile payments in the restaurant scene.

5. Online Reservations Will Become Simpler

This new feature has shown customers that there is an easier way to reserve your table and get in at their favorite restaurants without a whole bunch of waiting. It not only makes things better for them, thus improving their level of happiness, but it also makes things more efficient for your restaurant. With more efficient operations comes a higher chance of success.

As you can see, 2019 is a big year for restauranteurs and their teams that make things happen. If you embrace these restaurant POS software trends and the opportunities that come with it, you’re sure to have the upper hand when it comes to outperforming your competition. Not to mention, the extra effort you put forth is sure to impress your customers and win over their loyalty.

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