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Top 5 Hardest WoW Achievements

Every game has its own way of awarding the players for their completed goals. Be it with rewards, gear, items, gold, etc. Though one of these ways that players, especially veterans in the game, appreciate a lot is achievements. Achievements can be obtained through various means, sometimes they can be easy to get, and sometimes just borderline impossible.

WoW also has this system of awarding hard-working players with achievements. One of the most popular achievements in WoW is the Keystone Master achievement, especially the Keystone Master season 3 as of lately. Although this one is hard to obtain in the first place, there are even harder challenges for achievements in WoW. So next up we will take a look at the hardest achievements obtainable in WoW!

5. Warlord of Draenor

The first achievement that we will talk about has to be the Warlord of Draenor from the expansion its name comes out. Unlike the other achievements you will see on this list, this one’s a tad bit easier to obtain, though not without a challenge. The first thing a player has to do is make Gladiator’s Sanctum, raise it to level 3, then complete the Nemesis quests from the Sanctum. Every quest asks the player to kill players in PVP from the opposing faction. Now here is where the actual challenge comes in: every Nemesis quest totals up to 3500 players to be defeated in Draenor PVP!

And even after you wash your character in blood after 3500 PVP kills, the last thing you’ll have to do is the Fight, Kill, Salute quest. If someone is looking for a challenge, this one’s pretty solid!

4. Going to Need a Bigger Bag

The Going to Need a Bigger Bag achievement falls in the same category as the previous one in levels of the required grind. This achievement was introduced to us in Mists of Pandaria as means of making the players adventure throughout Timeless Isle. It is obtainable by defeating the enemies at that location, which then drop items you will have to collect. The hard part comes with some items having lower drop rates and hard to come by enemy spawns.

Most notably, Huolon the dragon and Monstrous Spineclaws gave players the hardest challenge. And even when you encountered these mundane enemies, it is a question of luck if you get the required item for the Going to Need a Bag achievement!

3. Higher Learning

Taking a break from the grinding part, the Higher Learning achievement leans on exploration, making the players search high and low. It was introduced to us in the Cataclysm expansion, and it has not disappointed in making some players outright rage in a boring search. What is this search you might ask? Well, Higher Learning can be obtained by reading books around Dalaran. Doesn’t sound hard, when you consider the fact these books only spawn randomly.

Depending on how many players are looking to catch these tomes, the challenge gets harder and harder. And even in this current situation with Dalaran being a ghost town, the tomes are still hard to come by!

2. Insane in the Membrane

Insanee in the membranee! You probably have heard this catchy tune from Cypress Hill, and it actually made its way as an achievement in WoW. Blizzard added it as a joke, and that is because of the way it can be obtained. While gaining more reputation for factions in WoW, the doors for that faction open up for you with better gear and prizes. But gaining this reputation comes with its challenge and grinding. You may have noticed some factions do little to none in helping out the players.

That is where this achievement comes in: if you reach high reputation levels with these absurd factions, you will be awarded the Insane in the Membrane achievement. Awarding the title “the Insane”, it’s no wonder how it reflects upon the player’s feelings!

1. The Bloodthirsty

Coming in at first place has to be the achievement The Bloodthirsty! As its name suggests, the bloodbath you will be getting yourself into to obtain this achievement is insane! To obtain it, you will have to get 250,000 Honorable Kills in PVP. Albeit an insane number, a lot of players avoid PVP, so the percentage of people who got this achievement in WoW is low.

The grind for this achievement may leave you with burnout, but it’s well worth the honor. Bestowing you with the title “The BloodThirsty”, this achievement is one of the hardest, if not the hardest to obtain in WoW!

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