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Top 4 tips for using social media to advertise your video game podcast

Top 4 tips for using social media to advertise your video game podcast

Video games are among the most popular forms of entertainment in modern times. They allow people playing them to immerse themselves in the story and directly participate in the whole experience. For many fans, simply playing them is not enough; they also want to stay up to date with the entire happenings of the industry.

That’s where podcasts come in that discuss video games, leaks, and other industry news in depth. To promote such a podcast, you will need a robust marketing strategy, particularly on social media, as that’s where most gamers stay connected. There are a number of things you can do on social media to effectively advertise your video game podcast.

Use Engaging Graphics

It’s often said that pictures speak more than a thousand words. That is especially true on social media as users usually skip long text posts. However, graphical content is effective in this regard. Content such as posters and flyers catch the eye and have more chances of information retention. For your podcast, you can use video game posters and text on top to create graphics to use in social media posts. To do so, you will need a graphics designing service like PosterMyWall which will give you the necessary tools to do so.

You can also take advantage of the hundreds of pre-made templates that save the time and effort required to create a design from scratch. Plus, when you need a post done quickly, you can tweak a template according to your needs and then use it.

Invite Popular Guests

There is only so much you can say or do on your podcast alone. No matter how big of a scoop you have, no matter how interesting you can make it, interest over time among your audience will fall. In order to remedy this, consider inviting special guests to the podcasts and conduct an episode with them.

These guests can be industry professionals, popular gaming personalities or notable streamers. Basically, anyone that can compliment your podcast and add something of value to your audience. This also poses an opportunity for the personality’s followers to learn more about your stream.

Popular video game podcast Giant Bomb invited multiple streamers and industry personalities for a light-hearted gaming episode, where they played against each other. They put up a post on Twitter tagging all guests and in doing so, gained exposure to their fanbases. A poster accompanied the post with portraits and logos of said personalities. Depending on the tone of your podcast, you can create something similar and invite relevant personalities on your podcast as well.

Invite Popular Guests

Catchy Logos

Your logo is a part of your online identity and helps in getting you instantly recognized. The more catchy and memorable it is, the easier people can recognize you and will be more likely to engage you. Consider it a kind of digital calling card that will help you develop your podcast into a brand.

It is important to have a well-designed logo for this purpose so people can find you and engage with your podcast. For that purpose, you may use PosterMyWall’s gaming logo maker which will help you design such a logo. The interface is easy to use even for a novice at graphics design. You can even use the hundreds of logo templates to give yourself a head start and use a base structure that you can then later modify.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are useful for creating platform-wide trends that build hype for a topic. They also help in visibility and make it easier for people to find you and your content. Considering your video game podcast, there are several options for you that you can use.

In addition to a base hashtag for your podcast, you can use hashtags based on the topic being discussed in that particular episode, including any video games. Doing so will also make you visible to people interested in these topics and broaden your listener base. These people will see your podcast being shared there and will be inclined to check it out.

Podcasts are only effective depending on the kind of content being offered. You can only promote yourself so much but without marketable content, no amount of promotion will be effective.

Gamers want in-depth scoops regarding their favorite franchises and titles. They also want to discuss and learn about other industry-related information as well which your podcast can provide. So, a perfect marketing strategy for your podcast will work with content and promotion over social media in tandem to deliver the results you need.

Have good content, create hype, and you will be able to convert all those likes, retweets, and shares into listens and make your podcast a success.

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