Step Into 2019 With Modified Marketing Strategies For A Better SEO

Now that 2018 has ended with a lot of change noticed already in the digital marketing scene, you will need to step into 2019 which is expected to have more changes in it with more confidence. You must modify your digital marketing strategy so that you gain better SEO and search engine ranks.

Plan your strategies well ahead of time so that you can help your business to grow more and reach out to more and more targeted audience this year.

Mobile first indexing

To ensure that you attain a better SEO there are a few specific strategies to follow. Mobile first indexing is one of these.

  • According to the survey reports of Statistica, about 52.2% of worldwide online traffic in 2018 was generated through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
  • The report also found that it was in March 2018 that Google began its mobile first indexing which is in simple terms ranking the websites by Google based on the user experience for several mobile devices.
  • More and more brands and websites such as and others have sites that are responsive. This means these sites has both mobile as well as desktop versions and works equally well across all devices that has an internet connection. However, the mobile version websites are indexed.

In these modern days, any website that is not mobile-friendly will surely miss out on the huge opportunities that it can provide in terms of gaining a large amount of web traffic. This is one of the first parameters that Google considers to test its relevance and optimization power.

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Steps to follow

There are a few other specific modifications that you need to make to ensure better SEO. Here are some that may help you:

  • Using long-tail keywords is a cheaper and better way to improve your SEO and click-through as compared to the shorter ones
  • You can also use free or paid keyword research tools to get a fair idea regarding the most popular search terms that will enable you to have a large number of qualified traffic
  • In addition to that, you can also create a FAQ page as that will help you to increase high-quality traffic with dedicated answers to the questions of the readers arising from your blog posts and
  • Focus on the page downloading speed as Google specifically wants fast downloading pages to deliver the best user experience.

It is found through several researches that, since July 2018 Google has been focusing more on the mobile page speed than anything else and has considered it as the primary page ranking factor for mobile.

Therefore, if you have a slow page you will not have a high search ranking. It will be even lower if the content is not relevant and cannot answer to a query. Use the Accelerated Mobile Pages open source project rolled out by Google, Twitter and other companies for super-fast mobile pages and bet user experience. This tool will make your mobile pages 30 time faster than normal.

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