Reasons To Use Cognitive Ability And Aptitude Test For Hiring Employees!

Are you thinking about hiring new talented employees for your organization? Even though the process looks simpler, finding the experienced and skilled employees to work productively and boost your business’s growth is extremely challenging.

Unlike before, the number of aspirants applying for the specific vacancy has increased a lot. So, employers need to spend more time and effort interviewing the aspirants to find the best.

In the modern era, employers are no longer required to go through thousands of resumes and conduct a long interview process. Aptitude and cognitive ability test is the recruiter’s secret weapon for employee selection.

Many companies have used these tests to find the best from the huge pool of aspirants. Keep reading to know why companies utilize these tests for employee selection.

Cognitive ability test What is the cognitive ability test?

The cognitive ability examination is the pre-employment test accessed to measure the candidate’s cognitive skills. This test plays a major part in the candidate screening test and helps companies to find better candidates easily and quickly. It also simplifies and speeds up the recruitment process.

This test measures the candidate’s mental abilities across different categories. Simply put, it measures how you think instead of what you know. For instance, it measures mental skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, attention to detail, numerical reasoning, etc.

Why should recruiters use the cognitive ability test?

There is no secret formula for hiring the right candidate every time. However, recruiters must take advantage of any tool to enhance their hiring process. One of such valuable tools is the cognitive ability assessment test. Here are the most compelling reasons to use cognitive ability tests.

  • Predicts job performance

One of the compelling reasons to access cognitive ability tests is that they are the best predictor of job performance. This test showcases the moderate positive correlation with job performance compared with job experience and education level. When cognitive ability assessment is combined with interviews, it helps to figure out the right candidate easily.

  • Measures learning and problem-solving skills

This test is extremely effective at predicting job performance as it predicts how agile the aspirant is while navigating the ever-changing work environment. A candidate’s job performance is determined by how quickly they learn on the job instead of what they already know.

If the employees’ cognitive abilities are higher, they learn everything faster and adapt to change easily. Most importantly, they find the best solutions to the new problems easily.

  • Saves time and money

Cognitive ability assessment is easier to administer online using different platforms. By spending a few pennies, it is possible to save precious time for the organization and hire the best candidates easily.

As per a recent study, the cognitive assessment test is the most cost-effective method to hire great employees. When you pre-screen applicants based on their cognitive ability, it avoids interviewing too many candidates. As a result, you can save more time and money.

  • Finds the hidden potential 

Resumes usually tell more about what the candidate has already done but not what they are capable of. With the cognitive ability assessment, the recruiter will find the right candidate among huge options.

Even though that candidate has a thinner resume, they have all the necessary skills to thrive in the organization. This test is extremely useful when hiring for junior positions. Stacking up the candidates who are quick learners and adapt to everything will take your company to the next level.

  • Improves retention

Cognitive ability assessment can enhance your organization’s retention by assisting you in hiring and impressing the right candidates. Employee retention is one of the biggest key performance indicators for the HR team.

In general, the cost of losing the employee is higher because it involves screening, interviewing, training, increased errors, and much more. Different types of cognitive tests are used to measure candidates in various aspects. You can choose the specific one and hire talented candidates according to your organizational needs.

  • Aptitude assessment 

Aptitude tests are gaining huge popularity because employers try to differentiate candidates with similar workplace experiences, education levels and skill sets. Many companies use aptitude assessment as part of their recruitment procedure.

● What is an aptitude test?

The aptitude test is a kind of assessment that measures your potential. This test includes verbal aptitude, numerical aptitude, abstract reasoning, spatial reasoning, critical thinking and cognitive aptitude.

This test at the pre-employment screening stage assist cut down several stages involved in the hiring process. So, employers will find the right and qualified candidates easily without spending more time and resources.

● Reasons to use aptitude test in hiring procedure

Recruiters usually want to collect more information about the job applicants throughout the recruitment process. But, the traditional staffing approaches like resumes and interviews do not offer a trustworthy sight.

Due to this, recruiters are now using aptitude tests to evaluate the candidate’s ability via different testing formats. Various types of aptitude tests are used to predict the candidate’s excellent and future job performance. Here are compelling reasons for using aptitude tests in recruitment today.

  • Nowadays, recruiters get tons of applications for a single vacancy post. Recruiters do not have the resources and time to go through all the applications by hand and determine the right candidate for the job. Thus, the aptitude test comes in handy as the best pre-employment screen tool. It lets the recruiters reject the applications that do not meet the standard in specific areas. It also helps to find the differences in candidates.
  • Aptitude test helps in avoiding bad hiring decisions that cost higher. If the recruiter fails to test whether the candidates excel in a specific role, they can bring in underperforming students that impact more on productivity. But, aptitude tests help the employer evaluate the candidate’s agility.
  • You can save more time and money by conducting aptitude tests. In addition, you will perform a fair and unbiased evaluation. It helps you to hire a candidate who stands out from the crowd to improve your business.

Bottom line

Now, you will get some idea of why companies use a cognitive ability or aptitude assessment to hire qualified professionals. So, you can try to include these tools in your hiring procedure to save time, money and resources.

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