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Popular Types Of Bongs And Where To Buy Them

by Ganesh Kolekar

Marijuana consumption is witnessing a rapid increase worldwide as more and more people turn to this popular substance for recreational and medical purposes. Experts recommend using glass smoking devices as they are not harmful as plastic ones and can make the experience more enjoyable.

Invariably, finding good-quality water bongs is imperative, especially for beginners looking to make their first purchase. Sometimes, even avid smokers may find specific choices confusing since the market for these popular products always welcomes new and improved variants.

The article outlines some remarkably fancy varieties that first-timers can consider beginning with.

Diverse types

Beginners must remember that while all smoking devices are built for the same purpose, they incorporate different features. If you study the history of the bong, you will realize that several experts claim it was formed out of the popular hookah device. But whether or not that’s true, choosing a suitable one for your specific smoking requirements is crucial.

You can consider selecting one or more of the options below to determine which device you like best.

  • Beakers – Those who smoke cannabis for medical reasons generally use this variant due to its broad, ergonomic base that ensures the device holds more water than straight models.

The spacious storage helps smokers regulate drag resistance when inhaling the smoke. Moreover, these types are easier to clean and maintain than other devices.

  • Dab rigs – Although smaller than most ordinary bongs, these widgets are specifically designed to use oil, concentrates, or wax. They are renowned for enabling users to enjoy enhanced flavors and smooth hits.
  • Percolators – The first thing to note is that these variants have different shapes ranging from downstems and spirals to turbine and inline. Next, understand that the percolators in the apparatus enable the marijuana smoke to have a bubble effect through the water, heightening the experience.

Finally, since there is typically an extra layer of filtration in the machine, the hit is smoother and more enjoyable.

  • Ice bongs – As the name suggests, these gadgets have a specific chamber to store ice to make the inhalation as smooth as possible. However, these variants might be costlier than other models but worth the money if you want to enjoy the best smoking experience.

You can also consider purchasing bubblers, silicone pipes, freeze bongs, scientific gizmos, and multi-perc devices. If you contact a reliable dealer, you may be able to buy a custom product, enjoying sole ownership of the unique item.

Where to buy?

You should always purchase water bongs from reputable retailers if you want quality in exchange for your money. In particular, online sellers have more significant options when compared to physical stores as there are no space constraints.

Typically, a reliable online supplier will ship your order for free and at the earliest possible, also allowing you to exchange or return an item if it is not to your satisfaction.

Furthermore, products sold on reputable websites often cost less, making them an affordable option for most folks. For instance, you could buy a fancy heart-shaped or rainbow-colored bong online for less than $75. Moreover, freezable glass ones can be purchased for $100 or less, while the same might cost over a hundred and ten dollars elsewhere.

Therefore, find a trustworthy online supplier who provides high-end accessories and essentials for your smoking device, making your shopping experience fruitful and memorable.

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