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Path of Exile – How to Identify your Items?

Path of Exile – How to Identify your Items?

There are a couple of ways in which you can identify items in PoE, so here is how to do it.

 In Path of Exile, you are going to be coming across a whole bunch of different items. This will range from vital items that will have a highly positive effect on your character, to ones that are going to be complete junk to you. Regardless, we are going to need to identify items in certain situations if we are going to enhance our character and earn more PoE currency.

Items do often get hidden as you are playing, which means you could potentially miss out. This can be an issue if you end up missing out on rare PoE items of course. So we are going to want to know just how you can identify these items if necessary.

Scroll of Wisdom

The most popular way to identify items is to use the Scroll of Wisdom in Path of Exile. These are just as valuable to you as exalted orbs in some situations, serving as a common currency item with great effect.

You can use this item to identify others whether they are magic, unique, or rare as well. You can also use them to figure out what some items are that you find in strongboxes too if you wish. Strongboxes are something that you will find in different places throughout your time in Path of Exile, so keep an eye out for them.

Are you starting out in Path of Exile for the first time? For beginners of the popular ARPG, you might want to consider holding onto any Scroll of Wisdom that you find. You are far more likely to need these later on in the game rather than early on. With that in mind, just keep hold of them for the time being as they are going to be very useful indeed.

If you happen to find a Scroll of Wisdom, then you might be wondering exactly what you need to do to use it. To do so, firstly we need to right-click on it. We then left-click on the item that we want to identify. This will apply the scroll to the item and in turn, identify it.

If you are planning on selling an item or using it, then you should always make sure that you identify it beforehand. The reason for this is that it can increase the currency-fragment outcome. If you have a lot of rare items or your kill a lot of bosses, then you could end up exceeding the number of scrolls that you have to identify. This is another reason why you should try and hold onto your scrolls for as long as you can and stockpile them where necessary.

Identifying PoE Items Yourself

Eventually, you are going to get to the point in the game where you become familiar with items. Therefore, you can use your own initiative when identifying items which can be very helpful in even the early stages.

There is the theory that if you are more experienced, then you will be able to take down more enemies than you would if you were a beginner. Of course, that is a complete given in pretty much every game. But it also means that those players would be able to identify items from mere experience.

When monsters have been killed, there is a chance in which you could get a chest dropped by them, or containers that may contain helpful items for you to pick up. If you are already at a point where you are aware of what the item types are that you could get from them, then essentially you could identify the items that you have found.

So you should by now have a better idea of how you can identify items in Path of Exile. As well as what you find on PoE trade, items play such a pivotal part in the game. You are going to be spending so much time looting, but only a fraction of these items will be worth anything to you. So, it’s important that you are able to figure out what items are useful to you, and what you can use to sell to make more PoE currency. Like any game of this type, currency plays a big role too, so having as much as you can possibly get is always going to be beneficial.

Have you managed to identify items in Path of Exile? Which method have you found the most effective? Let us know in the comments section below!

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