Microtransactions in gaming: Are they that bad?

Ask any gamer about microtransactions, and they’ll probably roll their eyes and tell you that they should disappear. Still, microtransactions are here to stay, as people voted with their wallets. Companies like Electronic Arts are earning tens of millions of dollars every year, selling you virtual items for their sports games, which have limited value. While it’s been said a lot about bad sides of microtransactions, let’s do something different and find out if they have any redeeming qualities.

First games that implemented microtransactions did it in a way to let you unlock the content which you can get by playing. For example, you could get Bruce Lee in EA Sports UFC 2 game, after you beat the career mode. The alternative was to pay a small fee and unlock this fighting movie legend immediately. People that have a limited time for gaming were happy about this, as that was the only way for them to see everything that it’s included within the game. On the other hand, hardcore gamers could ignore it, as it had no negative impact on them. As you don’t argue what the best software to watch porn is, you shouldn’t care if someone is paying to unlock the content.

Even in multiplayer games, microtransactions are tolerable if they are not supporting pay to win concept. That means that if you can’t use real money to buy stats for your character in MMO, you won’t have an advantage over someone who didn’t spend a dime. Instead, in games like Fortnite, you can only spend your cash to buy cosmetic items, and people love to do it. It’s all about individuality for lots of them, and that’s fine.

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One of the best things about microtransactions is that they can keep your favorite game fresh for years like it’s the case with free sex games on MrPornGeek. In the past, when the game was released, the developers had no interest to spend more time on it. In the best-case scenario, you would get a few patches, and that was it before they moved to another project. The situation is much different now, as developers are producing DLCs, which are both loved and hated. While Capcom was caught asking gamers for money to unlock the content that was already on the game disc, lots of developers are offering new characters, stages, and even story modes for a fee that is usually much cheaper than the game. There are, of course, bad apples. Great examples are the latest Dead or Alive games where a set of costumes can be even more expensive than the game.

That’s why you should be smart about microtransactions. There is nothing wrong about supporting the developers that are working hard at bringing new content to the game that has a value to you, and has a price that you consider affordable. If everyone did the same, “microtransaction” wouldn’t sound like a bad word.

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