Why Are Mac Better than PC | 15 Reasons

There is a never-ending debate as to whether Macs are “better” than PC’s. Here are the 15 reason’s why ‘Mac’ is better than ‘PC’:


  1. Less Blinking Lights only about 1 or none
  2. Easier to troubleshoot (With console and activity monitor) so you can use your computer and spend less time troubleshooting your computer
  3. Very very less virus only about 31 on virus and none of them are active(while windows has about 60 000). So the chance on getting virus on your mac is extremely rare while windows is most likely.
  4. Very organized so it easyer to find your around especially setting panel, so you can find what you need quickly
  5. Apple does not load Software with trial and junk and also useless software
  6. File sharing if very easy (Just use air drop no cable needed just click airdrop in finder and drag the folder to the other computer when the in the air drop section)
  7. Apple uses good computer parts (actually  99{3af80a6369225ea13856b8815212f1036871c006a864efffbb57257dbec3daf7} of the time there products will last for a long time) .
  8. Great Customer support and great relationship with the customers(there are really nice and friendly at the genius bar and at the apple store from my experience)   Hold ON!! I am not saying mac are always good. There a reasons if you want to buy pc with windows.
  9. Office apps are way cheaper for mac like pages for ms word , keynote for powerpoint and numbers for excel so you can get all of them only for $60 while ms office in $150 and another awesome thing is if you but a new mac computer from apple you can get all of them for free.
  10. If you want to build your own customized Computer from scratch because you can upgrade every part on mac

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If you are a gamer:

  1. If you are windows phone developer
  2. If you use software that instant compatible with mac
  3. If you run a server with windows server don’t even think about about using mac has server
  4. If you use MS SQL or use any other windows programs
  5. If you want to upgrade your Computer and customize it

At the end of the day the decision is your , Mac and Pc’s are unique in their own ways.

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