Why use mySQL?

The are lots of Relational Database Management System out there. But today we would be looking at a Relational Database Management System called MySQL and why use MySQL. mySQL If the world’s secondly used database and most used open source database.

Why use mySQL?

It was previously owned by Sun Microsystems but Oracle bought that company and now MySQL is owned by Oracle.  MySQL Is normally installed on server editions of Windows and Linux but can be installed on windows and mac for testing purposes or running a local database.

Reasons Why use MySQL

  • Free– You don’t have to pay anything unless you want the support and monitoring tools
  • Open source– You can mess with the source code
  • Use Free edition for Commercial Use so no need to pay any money for commercial use or buy other editions of MySQL
  • Support For PHP
  • Cross-Platform – Works On Linux, Windows, Mac Unix etc (Both 32bit and 64bit)
  • No RAM Limit on any edition
  • No Limit On how many servers/computers you can install free MySQL edition
  • No database Storage limit unlike the free editions  oracle database and MS SQL
  • Lots of GUI Management tools for MySQL Like MySQL workbench or phpmyadmin(mainly Free)
  • Most GUI Management tools are open source as well
  • mySQL Is supported by Famous CMS And forums Software like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, phpBB and simple machines forums
  • Setup is easy and less time to consume than other database software especially easy on windows and mac.
  • Is Stable
  • Less time needed for maintenance
  • You can use Microsoft Access has a front end for MySQL
  • Works great together with apache
  • It is simple compared to other databases so no need to hire other people and pay them lots of money
  • Low TCO so no need for CALS, No core licensing or anything like that

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So I recommend MySQL if you want a free, open-source secure and reliable database.

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