How to Record Windows 8 Tutorial on Computer Screen?

Windows 8 seems to feature a slightly challenging interface compared to the previous version of the esteemed operating system. Have you already mastered the operation of Windows 8? Well, then you must have your colleagues and friends asking you for tips on operating the new version. Now, explaining interface operation to each person individually is no doubt a daunting task. Won’t it be smarter to create a video tutorial on Windows 8 so that you can distribute it to everybody at one go? You bet.

But, how to record screen on Windows 8? Now, for that you have screen recorder program today. One good example is Movavi Screen Capture Studio. It not only allows you to record screen activities on your Windows 8 but also enables video edit and conversion.

The post below offers a guide on how to record your Windows 8 tutorial on your Windows screen with the help of a screen recorder program.

Install the recorder

First of all, you will have to download and install the screen recorder program in your Windows system. A leading recording program comes with instructions on installation and the whole process would take no more than couple of minutes.

Adjust recording settings

After you install the program, you will need to specify settings for recording your tutorial. Look for something like “Record Screen” on the program window. Click on it to specify your recording area. As the recording area comes up, adjust your recording frame. You will find readymade presets for capture frame. Otherwise, your program may also offer the option to adjust the recording frame manually.

Specify audio

Since you will be narrating in the tutorial, you should turn on the microphone. If you want to include any external audio, you should turn the speaker on as well. It would be nice to have a background track in the tutorial- provided it does not overpower your narration.

Record the tutorial

Now, we have reached at the main stage of the process as this is where we will record the tutorial. Look for the “REC” tab and click on it. You can also press on the “F10” key on your keyboard. The moment you press the tab or the key, the recording program will begin to record your screen activities immediately. After you have completed the tutorial, you will click on the “Stop” tab or on the “F10” key again. It will command the program to stop the recording instantly. After the recording has been stopped, a preview screen will pop up to show you the recorded tutorial.

Save the tutorial in a widely compatible format

It would be better to convert the recorded tutorial in a broadly supported format so that it can be viewed from all operating systems on all kinds of browsing devices. For that, first, you will click on “Save As” tab. Then, look for the “Export” tab. Click on it and find out your desired media format for conversion of the tutorial video. Click on the format and click on “Save to”. The recording program will immediately convert the video in your selected format and save it in its library.