How to increase win rate in matches in FIFA 23?

FIFA 23 is a modern football simulator, the task of which is to convey the atmosphere of cult matches, famous tournaments and allow the player to feel like a top manager who can control the course of the match and influence victories and defeats.

To increase the percentage of wins in any matches, even with difficult opponents, you need to understand the factors that affect success – we’ll talk about them.

  1. Performers
  2. Moral
  3. Strategy



Players play a very important but not the key role – even the best performers may not play at full strength under the guidance of an inexperienced player, and weak performers can beat a team of superstars. The ability to play and understanding the tactics of football are important, but the performers play an important role, although not the main one.

It is worth collecting your composition based on financial capabilities and the time that you are willing to spend on farming coins.

If you are ready to farm every day, complete daily tasks, participate in tournaments and play matches regularly, then open bronze and silver packs to form the backbone of players, which you will gradually improve through gold and special sets, as well as player purchases in the transfer window.

If you do not have the opportunity to spend a lot of time in football, but you want to have a strong squad, then follow the link – and buy the required number of coins. In such a case, the council will buy the best players in the transfer window from other football fans. Pay close attention to the price – after all, in the transfer window, the players themselves decide at what price to put the players.


Morale plays a huge role in winning and losing during matches.

Players can become very irritated and exhausted when falling behind on balls and begin to make a lot of mistakes – commit unnecessary violations of the rules that can lead to the removal of important players or unnecessary goals from set pieces.

In order not to lose morale when staying on balls and not to lose your head in a winning score, you need to take into account some factors:

  • Against you is the same football fan who can also make mistakes.
  • Any account can be reduced if you act coolly.
  • Losing will not change anything and will still bring coins and important experience.


In order to play quality matches, win series and come back in case of lagging behind on balls, you must have a comfortable strategy.

Strategy refers to the game plan and style of behavior that every coach has. Here are some examples of strategies.

  • Attacking
  • Protective


An attacking strategy involves constantly controlling the ball and moving towards the enemy goal.

This can be achieved by switching between players with constant promotion, as Pep Guardiola did in the best years of Barcelona’s star squad.

The essence of the strategy is to constantly control the ball and gradually lure the opponent and make him make mistakes. It takes high discipline and morality to resist such irritable tactics, but it also requires high discipline from the performers – you can easily get carried away.

Practice a fast one-touch pass with constant observation of the ball and moving towards it if needed – don’t wait for the ball to roll to you – it can be easily intercepted by opponents.

An attacking strategy requires active midfielders – it is they who, with the support of the defense, keep the ball throughout the match – the attackers break through when a gap appears in the defense, but it is the midfield players who play the main role.


The defensive play strategy works against a team that is superior to you in class and performers.

Teams playing football greatly reduce the activity in the match, preventing the enemy from breaking into their own half of the field and even completely losing the initiative, but not allowing the entire team to defend on goal.

This tactic is very much loved by Atlético Madrid under the leadership of Diego Simeone and most of the teams led by José Mourinho.

Such a strategy requires iron restraint and the emphasis is on the defenders, who fetter the enemy’s actions and, at the right time, go into a counter-attack with the attackers connected.

The advantage of such a strategy is that it is easy to move from it to more brazen football, especially if the opponent concedes a couple of balls after your counterattacks and controlling the ball is much easier to keep the score. The opponent will start to make fouls in an attempt to take the ball, and the advantage will increase due to the set-pieces.

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