How important are drip campaigns for your business today

Everyone has taken their business online these days, everyone has a business email that they use to get in touch with their customers and share information about their latest ventures. These emails although highly overlooked have been proven to hold a great deal of importance when trying to grow your business and take it to the next level. And while you sit here trying to figure out how to reach out to a bigger audience at a quicker rate, your competition is out there stealing your potential customers by simply being more efficient with their time and employing their energy in places from where they can actually be of great use to their company.

How are they being so highly efficient with their time? Well it’s with the use of automated tools like drip email services that they are able to reach a much larger audience in a small amount of time. What is a drip email service? Where can you get hold of one? Which company provides one of the best bang for your buck drip email service on the internet?

Find out answers to all those questions below where we’re reviewing a drip email service called today.

What exactly is a drip email service?

Ever seen your email and seen multiple emails coming into your mailbox from services you have subscribed to? Do you ever see the dubious email that says “We haven’t seen you in a while.” do you ever wonder how companies keep up their rapport with their customers and in the meantime keep themselves “relevant”? Ever wonder what amount of manpower goes into checking all these statistics and responding accordingly?

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Well to start answering your doubts, let’s first remind ourselves that we’re living in 2019 and there are online email drip tools that allow you to send out chains of messages to your customers on a scheduled basis so that they don’t suddenly forget about you. These services that allow users to schedule and send out automated emails according to their needs and demands are called drip email services.

And that is exactly what brings to the table. It helps you set up an automated email drip campaign from the comfort of your room. Let’s take a deeper look at everything that’s on offer.

Features of a email drip campaign. comes in with a bunch of really effective and time-saving methods and features to help you

  1. Set up a drip email campaign as quickly as possible
  2. Make it super easy to maintain the campaign after you’ve set everything up.

These features include

Effective Scheduling: You can easily set up a schedule for your emails to be dropped into the mailboxes of your recipients at the exact time that you specify. Also, note that these emails also vary in time according to the local time.

Plain text based emails load and deliver quicker than HTML based ones:
Something we have noticed is the fact that simple text-based emails have a better open rate when compared to HTML based ones. Another advantage that text-based emails have is the speed at which they are delivered.

Helpful Templates: These help you figure out the perfect email to your customers. Use these templates to chalk out some brilliant emails that you can start campaigns with.

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Triggers and delays: To help you go away from the traditional methods and use technology to space out and send your email out to customers.

How to set up a drip campaign using

Create an email list

It is important for every business to have a great email list to which they can send out regular updates about their business. These could be potential customers or active ones who interact with your products on a day to day basis. Whatever the case, having a good list set up is important and with your task is made that little bit easier.

Add multiple emails at the same time with their automated domain search tool that allows you to add emails from a certain domain onto your list after they are verified. This verification check if the IDs are active and not bots so that your email bounce rate doesn’t shoot up.

Set up the workflow of your emails allows users to set up their drip email campaign using some brilliant techniques. A simple and easy to use flowchart gives users complete control over everything that happens with their drip campaigns. Users can add in delays, triggers goals and other things from here.

In conclusion is very easy to use service that genuinely allows users to set up brilliant email drip campaigns for their businesses. They set their prices pretty well too making sure that the service is easily accessible to everyone, regardless of how well their business is doing. Refer to the image for the latest pricing details. Using a drip service like this is really beneficial for your business in the long run and we would definitely recommend checking it out.

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