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How Do RNGs Work in Online Casino Games?

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Meta-Description: Learn the ins and outs of how random number generators work when playing your favourite casino games.

If you’re a seasoned slot player, you’ll know enough about gambling games to understand RNGs. However, if you are just starting out in the business, it may be the case that you’re not entirely familiar with these features yet. Whether you want to play slots or high rollers 21 blackjack, roulette or poker, RNGs are prevalent in most casino games. It is time we took a closer look at them. Join us as we do so in this short gambling guide.

What Are RNGS?

For the uninitiated, RNGs are an algorithm found in casino games – and many other types of digital games. Random Number Generators (as they are called) effectively ensure that every spin of a slot, every roll of a dice, or every card dealt is random. It is this mechanism that ensures that players can’t rig a game, and neither can a casino. RNGs ensure that each turn is a random event and, thus, non-predictable. In short, they ensure fairness in casino games, both for the player and the casino in question.

Do All Table Games and Slots Use RNGs?

For the most part, yes. Any online casino game that is digital uses RNGs. If they didn’t, it would be easy for casinos to rig them and, potentially, for players to crack them. RNGs can readily be found in slots, instant win games, fixed odds titles, bingo, and table games with an AI dealer. In fact, the latter is even referred to as RNG table games in many cases.

What About Live Dealer Games?

Live dealer games are where RNGs become interesting. These games may use RNGs in part or not at all. For instance, in a game of live roulette, no RNGs are required because the human dealer will drop the ball into a physical roulette wheel in real-time in the real world. However, some card-based live dealer games may use RNGs to display digital cards, particularly if you are playing poker or blackjack.

RNG Certified Explained

Any games that run on RNGs should be RNG certified. This is often seen as a hallmark which showcases that you can trust the games you play and that they are fair. Ordinarily, games are independently audited and checked by a third party. They will then issue an RNG certificate to the casino, which the casino can flaunt to showcase that their games are RNG certified and fair. You can often find this certificate as a logo at the bottom of a casino’s lobby/homepage.

Other Ways to Tell If a Casino Game Is Fair

There are other ways to tell if a casino’s games are fair. You don’t have to rely solely on RNG certifications. You can always check the RTP rates in games, ensure that the paytable offers full transparency, and check to make sure a game is to your liking by playing it for free (in a demo mode) or by reading reviews. All these are great ways to get a feel for a slot and casino game before you wager real money on it.

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