Four SEO Trends to Carry into 2019

SEO is an ever-evolving practice. Now, before you get frustrated with the fact that Google’s algorithm updates may or may not have affected your previous efforts remember that all it means is that your SEO efforts will become more valuable in the future. Yes, you will need to go back and audit regularly, but so long as you stay on top of the updates you can get ahead of your competition. That first page of Google will only become more valuable as the algorithm updates and becomes more sophisticated. As a bonus, nearly every update you need to make to adhere to their new algorithm updates will improve the customer’s experience.

1. Voice Search

Voice search is becoming increasingly popular. Just think of how many people now have personal voice assistants in their home. Whether they have Alexa, or Google Assistant, or even just use their personal assistant right in their home, using your voice to search and command action from your digital device is becoming the norm. You need to optimize your site for this voice search in order to get on top of your competition and be found when potential customers use their voice to search.

2. Video

Videos today need to be short, can be enjoyed in silence, and have some sort of interactive element in order to succeed today. Essentially, they need to be enjoyed on a phone even in a public space.

3. Mobile-First Indexing

Mobile-friendliness is important, but it is often overlooked in the development area. The fact is that most people nowadays access the internet right on their phones, and if your site isn’t optimized for it, you will lose customers. This applies to your online store as well, which is why relying on the professionals from to set up your e-commerce store is ideal. They should be able to buy directly online, especially if you have a social media shop on Facebook or Instagram set up. On Instagram, in particular, you can now link products directly to your posts, and send customers to the product page. Unless your site is optimized for mobile, however, you will lose every one of those potential sales, as Instagram is predominately a mobile app experience.

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Content has always been important to SEO, but nowadays the type of content needs to be long, informative, and in-depth. Valuable content is king, rather than just content itself. Take this great content one step further and optimize it to be enjoyed on mobile, and you will be good to go. Just remember to invest in content marketing to get your pieces out there.

SEO is always changing, and it is up to businesses everywhere to rise to the challenge after every algorithm update. Yes, it is frustrating. It means a lot of money can be wasted if you tried to cut corners in the past, but take it one step at a time. Work on improving your on-site and off-site efforts for the users first and foremost, and tweak your strategy based on the best practice suggestions of the day.

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