Filmora Free Online Meme Maker Review

Here’s to all those meme lords, admins of various meme pages, or just someone who loves making memes, Filmora Free Online Meme Maker is just the thing you need in your life. Memes are everywhere nowadays. From Instagram to Whatsapp and Facebook to Reddit, memes are the hot topic, basically the “talk of the town”. They are just everywhere, in a literal sense.

Memes come and go but the hype which comes along with it remains. Also, the trend is set. These are so popular because these are something that the youth can relate to. It does wonders from the business’ point of view. Now that we know about the acceptance of memes by everyone, let us just get started with today’s review which you might have guessed by now is an online Filmora Meme Generator.

Filmora Meme Maker:

Making memes is not everybody’s cup of tea. It is something that the experts handle the best. But if you are witty and have a good sense of humor, then by using this online meme generator, even you can create memes in no time. And who knows, maybe your meme can be the next big thing. It can be the hot potato out there. You will get popularity and your business game will be on fleek and that too without spending a single penny. You do not need registration or a premium subscription in order to access all the tools that are available. You get access to everything. You can literally be the meme king and rule the Internet overnight. Seems fake right? Too good to be true? No, it’s not.

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How to use it:

  1. Firstly, you need to upload or drag the image, gif, or video from your device. You can also paste the link of the image. The maximum file size is 50 MB.
  2. Enter the text that you want to add in the image, video, or gif. Also, edit the font type, size, and color.

  1. After you are done with the editing process, export and download the image in the desired format like png, gif, jpg, etc.



  1. Free of cost without any watermark – Is it free? This question might have crossed your mind several numbers of times, right? Yes, it is free of cost. These days, every other software and website ask you for a subscription which cost a hefty amount of money. But in Filmora Meme Maker, you get the full access to the software for free. There are no hidden charges, just some pure meme making. It is a free conduct for a lifetime. Also, you do not get those ugly and pesky watermarks which most software usually put in your pictures and videos if it is a free registration.
  2. Create a video, gif, and image meme – The meme can be of any type- video, gif, and image. Its interface is extremely user-friendly. For making an image meme, enter the source picture or an image link where it is available for free. Now, just do the necessary changes and you will have your image meme. As for the video and gif memes, the source document must be a video. You have to transfer the video in the desired place, as done for the image meme. You can trim, add content, text, and anything you want.
  3. Upload media directly from URL – This feature is making lives easier. You do not need to have that file in your device. Just share the link of the image or the video and voila! You will be good to go. The image you want to upload can be of any file format i.e. png, jpeg, mp4, or a simple gif file. You have the complete liberty to choose the format of your source file. Videos are acceptable too.
  4. Place text anywhere – Inside the image, outside the image, over the image, under the image. Make the text the entire image. Because you can do this. You can place the text anywhere and everywhere you want. You can edit the text in whichever form or shape you want. Edit the size, color, font, and whatever, without any rules and regulations.
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  1. Customize the output format – The exporting is as simple as the importing. You have the freedom to export the masterpiece you created in any possible format such as jpeg, gif, png, mp4. These are some of the file formats which are available.

Final Verdict:

Filmora Free Online Meme Maker is a simple and effective meme making tool which is definitely going to bring a revolution and make lives easier. The steps to make memes are pretty simple and thus, anyone and everyone can create memes. Overall, it is a powerful apparatus to make memes easily. It being freely available is one of its greatest features. Share your memes with your friends and family and offer a good dose of laughter. Spread laughter by creating memes.

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