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Choosing Best Office Shredder Is Now Easy

Data protection is an essential aspect of the business. In spite of using some advanced technology to store business data, still there exists a need for some physical documentation. If you are looking out for disposal of some business sensitive information enclosed in physical documents or CDs and are worried about security concerns, picking up best office shredder is the only way out.  There is a wide range of business shedder in varying sizes and business capabilities so, choosing the right one is bit challenging. Here is a guide to help you choose the right shredder for your business.

Volume and frequency of use

Not all business requirements are the same. Few organizations need shedding high volumes of paper every day whereas few look forward to shredding a few documents occasionally. You need to identify your requirements before deciding the shredder for your business.  Various factors that need consideration are the frequency of usage, types of materials you are shredding like glossy paper, CDs, the thickness of the paper, credit cards, etc, the continuous run time of the shredder. This run time refers to the duration of the period that shedder can run before it needs to cool down. It varies anywhere between 20 minutes to 90 minutes so, the choice should be made according to your specific requirements.


Different aspects of shedder maintenance include cleaning and oiling. Though most o the shedders need a little of this, you may need to empty the shedder quite often depending on the volumes of paper you shred and size of the bin you choose to go with.  There are two types of bins available; one is drawer style and bucket style. Out of these two styles, drawer style is easy to use as there is no need for you to lift the shredder each time you clean the bin. If you are shredding high volumes, make sure to pick the drawer in large size to fit in your business requirements.


If you are looking high security while you shred sensitive information, look for the one that tears the material into micro pieces which makes it impossible to reassemble. Mid-level security can be easily obtained by picking the shredder that cuts both horizontally and vertically. If your need is to just clear high volumes of clutter in the office, you can choose ones with minimal security. They will cut the material into horizontal pieces.

Look  for these additional features 

Modern shredders are equipped with a lot of additional features like safety sensors, light indicators for full bins, automated cleaning cycles, noise reduction, power saving, reverse feed. You can look for any of these additional features to make the job easy.


Let’s not ignore the price factor when you pick the shredder for business needs. It is obvious that shredder designed for infrequent use tend to be less expensive when compared to the ones that can handle high volumes and embossed with additional features. However, sticking to the budget lines is a good idea but, don’t comprise on feature-rich shedder that exactly fits in your business requirements.

Few good business shedders in market         

 AmazonBasics 12-sheet shredder          

The shedder is renowned for its versatility and price. It is the best option for daily use and minimal volume capacity. It has 8 minutes continuous run time with 12 paper capacity hence suits small business at best. The cooling time of the shredder is 45 minutes which does not make it suitable for consecutive usage in large office space. However, it is micro shredder that can be put in best use when you have highly sensitive information to trash out.

Swingline 14-Sheet

This is a compact shredder with a decent run time of 20 minutes and capacity of 14 sheets at a go. The compact size of shedder makes it portable so you can use it anywhere even in the small workstations of the employees whenever needs. It has 15 minute cooling time hence best suited for medium business. It also has two shredders built in one to shred papers and CDs, credit cards along.

HSM 150-Sheet shredder

This remains the best shredder for a large business with 150 sheet capacity. It leaps on the priciest side due to its features and capabilities. It has 9-gallon capacity along with automatic start and stops to prevent paper jams. It also features maximum security and cuts the paper into micro pieces. To keep your office clean, you can buy smart trash can.

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