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Call of Duty: Cold War Tips & Tricks for Professionals

by Ganesh Kolekar
Call of Duty: Cold War Tips & Tricks for Professionals

Many players are striving to become professionals in the Cold War. A simple way to do that is to play the game as frequently as possible. Another way to improve faster and enjoy your gameplay is to implement the easy-to-adhere tips and tricks below.

However, if you want to experience a dramatic improvement in your COD Cold War, check out the best Cold War cheats. Meanwhile, continue reading to grab these pro tips and tricks for Cold War.

Cold War Tips and Tricks for Professionals

1. Taking cover is compulsory.

You must always take cover whether you’re fighting an enemy or trying to hold a position. You want to avoid getting hit from an angle you don’t know and lose your life before the end of a gunfight.

Taking cover allows you to buy time, reload your weapon, or consume health when you’ve already been hit. Since all Call of Duty series and maps have buildings, vehicles, and walls, you can always take cover behind any of these objects to save your life.

2. Experiment with different Weapons

Call of Duty Cold War allows players to access different weapons in the buy station. Each weapon comes with specific advantages and preference-based disadvantages. But no matter which weapon is preferable, it’s essential to be versatile with COD weapons as it helps you find the perfect one for your game style.

The weapons range from long-range rifles, short-range rifles, and grenades to knives. You don’t want to stick to a short-range pistol, while a shotgun or an assault rifle is your best bet to winning a gunfight. So, be versatile with your weapons.

3. Work with the mini-map when flanking enemies.

The mini-map helps you identify the enemy’s position and direction. It also allows you to identify possible shortcuts to reach an enemy hiding strategically. By that, it becomes easier to flank enemies with your gun or a knife.

Eliminating enemies without their awareness gives you a significant lead over gunfights. When you sneak up on enemies and take them by surprise, you gain killstreaks and more chances of winning fights in the Cold War.

This professional trick helps you get more kills without too many hits.

4. Do the Jump Challenge

Instead of stealthily peeking around corners or approaching doors, doing the jump challenge is better. This is an ideal way to compromise the enemy’s aim and force them to move out of their hiding place.

For instance, an enemy can hide behind a wall or an object, waiting to pop you once you enter his trap. You can easily pull off a skilled jump tactic to dodge his shot and still take him. This is one of the oldest tricks that never stops working in the Call of Duty series.

Remember, it’s almost impossible to hit a moving target. By jumping, the enemy is surprised and forced to adjust his aim. At that point, you can aim down sight towards him and fire. Meanwhile, if you’re not sure you can win against the enemy with your jump trick, you can take another route to flank him instead. You don’t want to jump and die at the same time.

5. Practice, Play against Bots

To make the most out of the Cold War, the two most important skills you need to perfect are mobility and aiming. Apart from getting accurate shots, you must be hard to get for the enemy players. How do you do that? Practice by playing with bots. It’s the fastest way to enhance your movement and aiming skills.

Playing custom games with COD bots gives you a hassle-free environment to practice as long as you want. Since the bots are not likely to engage aggressively, you can remove the time limit and reduce the difficulty to the minimum. That way, you can practice with bots, improve your aim, and get familiar with your movement skills. You don’t want to be an easy-to-kill target for the enemy player.


Cold War is known for its incredible fast-paced gameplay, leaving players with almost no time to wait and think. However, you can make the most of your gameplay with the tips and tricks above.

Always take cover, be versatile with your weapons, work with your mini-map when flanking, and do the jump trick whenever possible. More importantly, practice to perfect your mobility and aiming. These are the Call of Duty: Cold War tips and tricks for pros.

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