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Best Color Combinations for Kitchens You’ll Love This Year

Best Color Combinations for Kitchens You’ll Love This Year

It’s time to renovate your kitchen and the best way to truly make a change is to play with some colors. Dual-colored kitchens are very popular, as they take away dullness while adding some personality. If you are at a loss for what colors you should use, here are several options for you.

1. Green and Wood Tones

We’re seeing a lot of green nowadays, especially the forest green type, but other greens work too. People want to bring a touch of nature into their homes, and there is no better option for this than green. By mixing it with wood tones, it will feel like you are bringing the trees into your kitchen.

“Mixing different shades of olive green works surprisingly well. I personally love painting a combination of wall and woodwork in olive green, or using a green tiled backsplash in a kitchen,” says Elicyon director and founder, Charu Gandhi.

2. Black and Red

Red and black work very well if you want to get that modern kitchen design. It is also a good color combo if you want to make a statement in your kitchen. The shades of the colors should be chosen based on the design that you have in mind for your kitchen.

For example, if you want that modern kitchen look, orangey reds are very popular. That being said, if you want the kitchen to follow a traditional vibe, wine reds with a deep hue are great.

3. White and Pink

Colorful splashes are back in style, and people love pairing them with base colors such as black or white. If you have a larger kitchen, black would work very well – but if you have a smaller kitchen, then white may be a more appropriate base. For instance, you may want the walls in white and your cabinets in a pink shade, bringing that splash of vibrancy into your kitchen.

“They are the perfect base for vibrant color that will add personality and style, yet which can be inexpensively changed and updated in the future. Really bright colors work well – shocking pink, orange, electric blue – and these can be painted onto cupboards if you prepare them first by sanding down and using a primer, behind a clear perspex backsplash, or as whole walls of color,” says Judy Smith, Color Consultant at Crown.

4. Dark Gray and Green

If you mix a refreshing lime green with stormy dark grey cabinets, you will get a very modern color combo for your kitchen. It will also give your kitchen that natural look without making the colors too overwhelming.

You should use grey for the permanent pieces such as your cabinets or islands. This will make it easier for you to redesign your kitchen if you are feeling like renovating next year. The green accents should be applied on stools, carpets, or other accessories. To prevent the kitchen from looking too gloomy, you should balance everything with white walls, backsplashes, and countertops.

5. Green and Gold

If you want to add an extra dose of elegance to your kitchen, then you could go for a green and gold combo. You can consider painting the cabinets a nice forest green, making the walls off-white or beige, and adding some metallic gold fixtures (i.e., cabinet hardware, faucets, lights, etc.).

Choose items with shiny finishes for the golden areas. They will reflect the light and bounce it around, bringing back the sparkle that your kitchen needs. Plus, the color combo will make the area seem rich while maintaining a comfortable appeal.

6. Terracotta and Off-White

Terracotta remains very popular in kitchens and homeowners adore it. This earthly color strikes a pretty good balance between brown tones and red, taking you back to that old ceramic-filled cabin vibe.

Mixed with white, it will create an incredible balance. The color combo will be brave, yet keep that timeless touch. Plus, terracotta and off-white are both rather natural colors, so they will mix just well. Off-white walls and terracotta cabinets will make your kitchen appear larger as the light bounces off.

The Bottom Line

Kitchens should be expressions of your own style. Choose the colors that speak most to you and design the kitchen of your dreams.

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