Allan Endresz, a Successful Albury Share Trader.

“Share trading isn’t all about the data,” says successful share trader-turned businessman Allan Endresz.

Hailing from Albury, Australia, Endresz has held both ends of the stick—he’s also had ownership of companies publicly traded on the stock market. He knows that this has been one of the keys to his success, giving him insights into valuation and fundamentals that many are not privy to.

Endresz is no stranger to being patient—a hallmark of a successful stock trader. After being on the receiving end of an extended 17 year long legal battle with the ACT Supreme Court over what Mr. Endresz maintains was governmental negligence, Endresz has made the firm conviction that patience is key in stock trading, business, and life.

Endresz also commented on how important it is to take responsibility for decisions or stock trades made, regardless of how negative they appear. He cited the ongoing legal battle as the catalyst for this mindset.  “[You always need] to accept any decisions no matter the outcome”, Mr. Endresz stressed.

“Create a positive out of the negative. Follow the strategy of Holmes à Court, who once said ‘there are no such things as liabilities, only opportunities’”.

Endresz’s best advice for those trading stocks urges a cautionary and diligent approach when researching.  “Collect the facts, research the data [and] observe opinions” are just a few of the tips he had for both aspiring and experienced traders.

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