A Mini VPN Performance Troubleshooting Guide

The internet is one of the most amazing inventions humans have ever created. It has encompassed the whole world when it comes to its importance and relevance to society. We use it everyday like communicating with other people, playing games online, and organizing our schedules for the next day. There was a time when it was just our phones that can connect to the internet. However, as we advance into the technological age, most of our gadgets and appliances can now connect to the internet. Even your own fridge and oven can be connected to the internet. It has been such an exciting time for the inventors and scientists and they keep on adding new ideas every single day.

However, one of the hottest issues with internet today is privacy. Ever since the fall of Mark Zuckerberg and the issue about data privacy, everyone including their grandmother is aware of how important privacy is in the land of the internet. People from all walks of life were horrified that their own information and identities are being used as tools for revenue and negotiations. It is so sick and vile that people actually cared now about the issue more than they did just half a decade ago. That was during the time when you can get a lot of viruses that can destroy your computer by just opening the wrong email.

This is why virtual private networks are becoming popular amongst the masses. Learn more about protocols here: https://www.techradar.com/news/whats-the-best-vpn-protocol-to-use. Think of them like little cubicles of space in the land of the internet. You can hide in these cubicles from the prying eyes of the government or other people who wants to snitch at you. Having a VPN is not just for privacy. It can work like a disguise; they register a decoy server to the observers so that you can access certain domains which may be blocked from where you are right now. It is fascinating really, how the people of today are thinking of ways on how to counter such acts from other people.

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If you are already using a VPN, there can be certain issues that you may encounter all the time. For example, it might be a little slower than you like or there are still some sites that you cannot access. Well, here are a few tips that can help you make your VPN connection faster:

#1 Try Changing Servers

One of the most common complaints of every VPN user is slow internet connection. As it is a sort of disguise, you need to choose a location that can hide your actual internet activity. For example, if you want to access certain US websites while in Asia you need to choose a US server. However, the location of your chosen server affects the speed of your connection. The nearer your chosen server, the faster your internet can be because of its nearness to your actual location. Likewise if you really want to access certain websites from a faraway location, you can still do so. Just remember that it is normal because of the distance of the servers that you are trying to access.

#2 Check Your Internet Connection

If your connection is slowing down, it might not be because of your VPN subscription. You also need to check your actual connections while using the VPN network. If you’re using Wi-Fi, always check the status of your signal. There might be an outage somewhere in your area. If you are using mobile data, check to see if you still have data left to spend. You can also switch to a wired connection since it is far more stable than the other ones. Always look for any disconnected cables and wires that are connected to your modem. You can also restart your modem to refresh its settings.

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#3 You Can Try Turning Off Or Changing Your Device

There might be an issue with your device as well. Turning off your device will reset everything and fix the connection if there are no other issues. You can also change devices as there are VPNs that may not work with devices like PC’s and gaming consoles. Although most VPNs today support numerous devices, it is better to check with them to see which ones they actually support. If you want to switch to a wired connection, you need to choose a device that can handle it.

#4 You Can Also Try And Change Protocols

Protocols or ports are rules that are followed by VPN providers to give you a secure connection. Sometimes, some ports are restricted with their access which affects your speed in seeing their websites. You can try changing the protocols in your VPN settings to match with the correct ones and improve your overall experience.

#5 Turn Off Your Antivirus Software

Your antivirus software is there to protect you with any kind of malicious attack, but it can slow down your internet access within your device. Try turning it off while using your VPN to improve your internet speed. You can just turn it on again once you are done.

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