7 SEO tools you must use if you want to rock your blogging website in 2019

If you are a blogger and struggling to rock your blogging life, then it might be mostly because of the SEO strategies you are failing to maintain. Search Engine Optimization can help you go to the right track and make most of the blogging and digital marketing. SEO not only helps you in making your website rank higher on Google and other search engine results but also can make you earn through it. There are many SEO tools available in the market which can help you crack the code of this digital marketing and especially SEO strategies. Moreover, you can easily get these strategies by reading the books written by famous author and grab those using Amazon Upcoming Sale.  That’s why we have listed 7 best SEO tools you can use to rank high on a search engine and rock your blogging career:

Google Search Console

If you are a blogger, then you must have known that Google gives the majority of the searches to your keyword. Most of the searches you will get are from Google. And, Google Search Console is a tool of Google which helps in the optimization of your search results. For this, you have to be a Google Analytics property owner and then Search Console will give you the information of your search engine rankings. This SEO tool will cost you nothing and help your website perform better in terms of searches and page rankings. Moreover, you can get to know from which platform you are getting the visitors- phone or PC, Android, iOS or Windows, help you find the crawling errors and broken links. Also, you can find which keyword is getting most of the searches and which pages are getting most of the traffic.

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You can find it in the videos of SEO legend Mr. Neil Patel that he is always talking about Ubersuggest as one of the best SEO tools in the market. It is a keyword strategy tool which can help you in building the content and making strategies about the keywords. There are many keywords which are getting enough searches in a month and also are not competitive keywords, so one blogger can target those keywords and rank high in Google.

It is basically a keyword research tool that suggests keywords and their long tail-phrases based on keyword difficulty and searches. You can also get the data about the pay-per-click on the keywords. Unlike others, it is a free keyword research tool with clean interface and not so troubling experience.


Honestly speaking, this is one of the favorite SEO tools of many legendary bloggers and SEO experts. It is a big marketing suite with SEO tools, pay-per-click advertising, keyword research, competitive analysis, and social media analysis. There is much more to the SEMRush which can be explored by one blogger but it all comes with some money that you have to pay. SEMRush provides domain and keywords reports with competing websites. You can also maintain some SEO strategies with your campaign.

SEMRush also lets you export the list of some easiest keywords using which you can rank higher. Also, you can use SEMRush’s Topic Research tool to analyze your competitor and create some good content to beat them.

Answer the Public

This is not a full-fledged SEO tool but can tell you about the questions users are asking search engines like Google and Bing. It will help you with keyword research and also give you the long-tail keyword phrases. So, using this tool, you can make articles accordingly and get good search results and boost page rankings. You just enter the queries on the search bar and get whatever results or plan the keywords you want to make articles on.

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Answer the Public is a nice and free of cost tool where you can see all the answers in where what and why format- so that you can use them in your next blog. Just enter your keyword and you will get an answer in the proverbial form which you can use for your articles.

HubSpot’s SEO Tool

Be a HubSpot user and I bet you won’t get any better SEO tool than this. At the top in digital marketing, this SEO tools gives you set of functions and features telling how should you write a blog, organize the stuff, what to write about and keep the track of your work done. It is a content strategy tool which helps you in suggesting the topics which can help your website to come on top in search rankings. You can choose a bunch of topics and make your content revolving around them. This will bring more traffic to your site as you are covering the topic deeply.

Keyword Finder

Another tool to find the best keyword and make articles on that- so that you can rank high. As the name suggests, you can find various keywords and get to know the searches of the month and how difficult it is to rank on that keyword. Additionally, you can also get the help from the books and purchase them using Flipkart Sale Today Offer. This research tool is easy to use and you can find long-tail keywords and other ideas which you can use to rank high. Suppose you get a keyword with 30-40 difficulty in ranking high and good volume in monthly searches, then you can use that keyword in your next blog post. Using this tool will increase the tendency of your blog to rank high on search results if you use proper keywords.

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