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6 Gadgets All Students Need

6 Gadgets All Students Need

Student life, much like the rest of the world, involves plenty of technology. You will need a laptop or tablet to get you through, as well as a range of supporting tech including headphones, printers, and webcams. Throughout this article, we will discuss which tech to put on your shopping list.


If you’re hitting the library or living in shared accommodation, you will likely need to keep the volume down, and what better way to do that than with a high-quality pair of headphones. We suggest using over-ear headphones because they will block out external noise. You will find plenty of brands to choose from and they all boast to be the best, but we suggest the Sony WH-1000XM4, which comes loaded with Bluetooth multipoint pairing.


Video communication has boomed in popularity over the last couple of years, with many student courses taking place online. Therefore, you should invest in a UHD webcam, which will ensure the picture is crystal care. Having a UHD webcam means that you won’t need to deal with a grainy output, which will be fantastic for getting in touch with your Mom back home.


There are too many USB devices out there, which can leave you with no room to plug them into your computer. Fortunately, you can combat this problem by using a USB hub, which will let you plug in additional devices at the cost of one port. If you have a look at Lenovo, you will find a USB hub perfect for student life.

Wired Mouse

If you’re using a laptop there will be a trackpad, which lets you control the mouse. However, they’re not the most practical for completing work. Therefore, you should invest in a wired mouse, which will guarantee you offer more movability and ensure you stay connected. You can use a Bluetooth mouse, but then you will need to keep buying batteries to keep moving.

Secondary Monitor

Having one screen is great, but having two means you can double your productivity and your work will always scale properly. If you’re working on an essay and need to carry out research, you can view two pages at once without sacrificing screen size. To get the most out of a secondary screen, we suggest finding one that’s 27-inches.

Portable Printer

Thanks to technology, many of your assignments will be handed in electronically, but there will be times when traditional printing is required. For example, when completing a dissertation project, you will need to print it and put a ring binder on it. However, given the nature of technology, the school’s printer will likely be out-of-service when you need it. Therefore, a portable printer will do the trick, which means you never need to worry about missing a deadline.

Technology influences all areas of life, and student life is no different. In 2022, there’s no way to avoid having essential tech. This article only scratches the surface but offers you a decent starting point.

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