6 Common Mistakes People Make While Barbecueing

Barbeque cooking is not at all an easy deal. You get to explore something new with every attempt, which also makes it quite tough to master this skill.

Even professionals, despite years of practice, end up making mistakes. Here are a few common mistakes that you must take care to avoid while buying best pellet grills under $500:

Do not hurry

Barbecuing demands time. The patient you are, the better will be the results. In an ideal case, you must plan the amount of time you will spend grilling and seasoning, a day in advance. Stand prepared with all the ingredients chopped, peeled, mixed and ready to go before you light the barbecue. The only thing you would want to worry about is the meat on the grill and not about getting things together while your meat is going into flames!

Preheat the grill

Sometimes people end up spoiling their barbecue even before placing the meat on the grill. Either they are too ignorant or too impatient to preheat the grill properly. Preheating helps you cook faster and better, making the meat tender. It is advisable to wait for at least 15-20 minutes to get the grill ready after lighting it. Once you reach the desired temperature, place a lid on the grill to retain moisture.

Clean your grill

Not having a clean grill can really spoil the taste of your food. Residues left from your previous barbecue session need to be cleaned before your begin. One easy trick is to clean the grill is right after preheating. Use a brass bristle or an aluminum foil held by a pair of tongs to scrape off the ashes. It is advisable to clean your grill before and after every use and go for a deep cleaning once or twice a year if you’re a regular user.

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Bring the meat to room temperature

The temperature of the meat is as important as the temperature of your grill. Do not use meat directly out of the refrigerator while barbecuing. Most of the recipes you might refer to assume that the meat is at room temperature. This really affects the taste and texture of the final product. However, leaving meat outside the fridge for hours before barbecuing must also be avoided. It not only becomes susceptible to bacteria but will also cut cook too quickly.

Add sauces at the right time

Most people tend to lose patience towards the end of their barbecue and become too eager to glaze the food with sauces. However, they sometimes end up ruining the entire thing because of this. Most of the barbecue sauces contain high amounts of tomatoes and sugar. Both of them cook way too early than meats and vegetables and, if added before time, they will end up black and burnt by the time your food is ready! Sauces must be added to boost flavor only during the last few minutes of grilling on a moderated flame

Do not poke the meat

Never use a fork or any sharp object to flip the meat.  The juices are precious and once they’re gone, you can never be sure about the taste of your food. To avoid losing juices, make sure you use a pair of tongs to carefully flip the meat . Not only poking, but pressing the meat/vegetables too hard might also squeeze out juices. Ideally an item should be flipped just once during the whole process read more.

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