5 Best Sports Apps for Mobile Phone

Applications from this collection will help to create a training program, correct the technique, create a habit of doing sports and track progress.


This application is for those who make the first steps in fitness, want to do at home and spend a minimum of time. Seven offers a 7-minute training plan for seven months. You can choose the level of difficulty, use ready-made training or make your own.

To maintain motivation in the application implemented a system of statuses (from beginner to advanced athlete), there is a community of friends with whom you can share your results.

For a paid subscription in the application are available recommendations of the coach and the preparation of a personal training plan.

Nike Training Club

If you want to go in for sports and don’t know where to start, download this app. The NTC is just a huge training base for any purpose and level of training.

There are training sessions for 15, 30 and 45 minutes, sets of exercises for the development of strength, endurance, mobility, yoga exercises. Each workout includes a video with the exercise technique and instructions from the trainer, so you don’t have to go online to learn what a “burpee” or “rock climber” is.

The app can sync with Google Fit or Apple’s Health app and take into account other activity: data about your runs, group activities, and other workouts.


For those who choose to run or ride a bike, RunKeeper will be the best friend and helper. The application synchronizes with most models of heart rate monitors and records all data about the run: pace, distance, time and calories, shows the route and weather.

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You can set goals and track your achievements, share results in the community and social networks, use ready-made workout plans, manage music and take photos during workouts.


Another application that is equally well suited to runners and cyclists. The program helps to keep track of progress and allows you to share achievements and photos of sports moments with friends.

In Strava you can track the distance, pace and speed of movement, calories burned and other data. The program periodically sets new goals for users, forcing them to work on themselves and achieve better results.

In addition, you will see the achievements of your friends and will be able to compare them with your own in special tournament tables. Elements of competition are always good to raise the motivation.


In the App Store a lot of applications with WOD (Workout of the day, or “workout of the day” – an intensive circular training consisting of different exercises), analysis of exercises and training plan.

WORD application differs from them focus on training anywhere: in the gym, at home, on the street. Presented sets of exercises do not require additional equipment, so you can safely use it at home or on trips and do not think about how to replace the weights or rowing machine.

The application will appeal to fans of minimalism. There is a workout, timer, video instructions, history-everything you need for a good workout, and nothing more. You don’t even have to choose a workout as the app does it automatically.

Unfortunately, WORD IS not translated into Russian, but you can use it without knowledge of English. If you are not familiar with the name of the exercise, you can always watch the video tutorial.

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