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3 Reasons Your Mac Might Be Running Slower Than Normal

3 Reasons Your Mac Might Be Running Slower Than Normal

While getting a new piece of technology can make your life a whole lot easier, if and when that device starts breaking down on you, it can start to turn your world upside down. Things that used to be simple will start to take a long time to complete or won’t turn out the way they’re supposed to. But when you’ve invested a lot of money into that device, you don’t just want to discard it and start from scratch with something new. So to help you fix any issues you might currently be having with the reliability of your laptop or computer, here are three reasons your Mac might be running slower than normal. 

A Slow Internet Connection

For most people, almost all of their use for their Mac relies on them having an Internet connection. Because of this, Ted Landau, a contributor to MacWorld.com, shares that having a slow Internet connection can, in turn, cause you to think that your Mac is running slow as well. However, the problem might not be with your Mac at all. So before you start taking an extreme measure to try to adjust settings on your device, you might first want to double-check that there’s nothing wrong with your Internet connection. And if you find that you are having problems with a slow connection, consider addressing this issue first to see if it fixes your problems.

 Too Many Open Applications

Another reason your Mac might be running at a slower pace that you’re used to could be that you are running it too hard. As part of this, Lowell Heddings, a contributor to HowToGeek.com, shares that if you have too many applications open at one time, the speed of your device can be cut down drastically. To combat this, you should always close any applications or screens when you’re doing using them. This is going to be especially important if the application you were using required a lot of processing power, as this can take away from the processing power that’s left and available to help you complete whatever task you’re currently working on. 

You’ve Skipped OS Updates

The problem of your Mac running slow might be more of an issue with what you haven’t done rather than with what you have. According to Tim Brookes, a contributor to MakeUseOf.com, if you’re behind on your OS updates, it’s possible for your Mac to be running slower than it normally would. These updates will often give you a little more space once they’re installed and can also help clean up some files, which are both things that can improve speed. So if you’ve neglected to update your OS, now’s the perfect time to do that.

If your Mac’s been running slow lately, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn of some reasons that might be happening.

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