YouTube Introduces New Premium Features, Including Better 1080p Resolution

Enjoy YouTube even more! New Premium features offer better 1080p resolution, reminders to continue watching on more devices, and exciting AI experiments.
YoutubeIn a big update, YouTube has rolled out its newest Premium features, aiming to make the viewing experience even better for users. The highly awaited “enhanced bitrate” 1080p resolution feature is now officially accessible on Android devices and TVs. This announcement was made on Wednesday, emphasizing that the improved video quality was first introduced on iOS earlier this year and later expanded to the web in August.

According to YouTube, this enhanced resolution feature is automatically activated based on your internet connection and viewing preferences. Alternatively, users can easily access it at the top of the quality menu. This update ensures that users have the option to enjoy higher video quality on a broader range of devices, enhancing their overall YouTube experience.

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Enhanced Video Quality Across Devices

YouTube Premium is making its user-friendly features even more accessible by expanding the “Continue watching” reminder. Initially launched on phones and the web, this handy feature is now reaching tablets and smart televisions. The purpose of this feature is to enable users to effortlessly pick up where they left off in their content, particularly for longer videos, by preserving the playback position.

YouTube envisions a seamless user experience where someone can begin watching their favorite podcast during their morning subway commute, transition to their laptop during a work break, and then wrap up the day by enjoying the content on their smart TV at home. This expansion ensures that users can enjoy uninterrupted viewing across a variety of devices, making their YouTube experience more versatile and user-friendly.

Conversational AI

In a recent update, YouTube is trying out something new called “Conversational AI,” and they’ve added an “Ask” button below videos. This feature is now available on, with limited spots for quick sign-ups, especially for users of the Android app in US English. YouTube is using Language Model technology to make this happen. The goal is to give answers to questions, suggest related content, and improve the overall user experience without interrupting the video playback. There’s also another experiment called “Comment topics summarized by AI.”

For users in the US looking for extra perks, there are third-party benefits from YouTube Premium accessible through the “You” tab. Scroll down to “Your Premium benefits,” and you’ll find things like an in-game loot bundle for Genshin Impact, a 3-month trial of Discord Nitro, a 3-month trial of a Walmart+ membership, a 4-month trial of Calm Premium, and soon, a 3-month trial of PC Game Pass. There are also Premium Badges for users aged 18 and older to show off their achievements on the platform.

These new features add to what YouTube Premium already offers, like ad-free viewing, offline downloads, and background play. Recent additions, such as queuing and Meet Live Sharing, aim to make the viewing experience more enjoyable and comprehensive. YouTube promises more exciting features and exclusive benefits in the future, encouraging users to explore their favorite content even further.

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