Why should you learn Node.js and how can it enhance your skills?

Why should you learn Node.js and how can it enhance your skills?

This course is perfect if you want to:

  • Grow your Node.js skills and be an expert coder
  • Be a full-stack web developer
  • Become proficient in Express Framework (learn routing, rendering, authentication, middleware)
  • Learn via trainer-led exercises along with an immersive learning experience, using Cloud Labs and so much more

How does our course help you in learning Node.js?

 Our course follows a versatile module that will guide you through the primary aspects of learn node js till the advanced uses of the Express framework. By the end of this training, you will learn how to deliver state-of-the-art front-end codes, about the versatile uses of Node.js, and the ways of building modern web applications.

You will be fascinated to learn how to write command scripts for basic tasks like copying files from drives, file reading from hard disk, and how asynchronous events are coded in real-time. We will help you grasp the knowledge of document-building and MongoDB databases using Node as well as advanced routing, rendering, authentication, middleware, and generating protection from harmful applications using Express. It is a multi-method learning platform that offers you the flexibility to learn at your own pace.

Key features of the course

  • 1 full day of live lecture series with the trainers
  • Easy switch to self-paced learning
  • Life-long access to Courseware
  • Automatic Grading of exercises and revision quizzes anytime
  • 100+ hours of real project handling using Cloud Labs
  • Ultimate project and worksheet for final evaluation

Why is there a demand for learning Node.js as a developer?

Node.js is an open-source, back-ended runtime environment that can execute JavaScript code beyond a browser. This makes it a super easy framework to work with and is highly expandable depending on the requirement. Also, it has 60,000+ modules to work with making this one of the biggest software registries any tech giant would want to deploy.

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Over the last few years, monster companies like LinkedIn, Citibank, Go Daddy, Netflix, PayPal, Uber, and the likes have shown major interest in Node.js, while even start-ups are eager to hire people with a runtime environment tech skill.

Notably, the demand for Node.js as a skill set has conquered more than 50% of the current market.

As a master in Node.js, your salary can hike up to $100,000 compared to older back-end systems.

What makes you eligible for this course?

Learning Node.js can be perfect for if you are –

  • Fresher but meeting the eligibility
  • Full-stack developers/ Back end developers
  • Web developers

Skills that you will gain after this course

  • Deep understanding of how Node.js works
  • Learning Node Read Eval Print Loop
  • Understanding NPM and modular programming
  • Learning how to use the versatile modules in Node.js

Not just as a developer yourself, learning Node.js as a team can also help you identify and work on your weak points to level up the quality and speed of the solutions you can provide to clients. The immersive mode of learning will help you to deep dive into the intricacies of Node.js.

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