Why every brand should build customer profiles

In event of you searching for several ways to market your products or services, you would come across similar advice repeatedly to understand your customer.

It would be a relatively decent advice, but not all marketers would actually abide by it. Most of them would be of the opinion that they are aware to whom they have been selling to and have it covered. However, not all would have put in the requisite hard labor.

It would be pertinent to mention here that the initial step to understanding your customer would be to create a customer profile.

What is a customer profile?

Customer Profiles would be group of information representing specific customers. Profiles have often been known as ‘personas.’ They would be used for consolidating their knowledge gathering and assisting in who you would be selling to. They would be prevalent as a fluid and living document, which would be referenced and adjusted with passage of time. These documents would change with time, especially when you learn more about them.

Based on your type of business, you would have one or several customer profiles. However, niche based products would be having single or dual profiles. On the other hand, versatile products have been known to have at least five or ten profiles. In event of you finding yourself creating several customer profiles, chances are higher you have dwelled down too deep.

Customer profiles have been generated from extensive research. It would either be through customer interviews or analytical data. You may come across several profiles given a human name aligning with the customer it has been representing. This would assist the profiles feeling like real customers the company, which the company has been looking forward to retaining or alluring.

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What information should the company profile include?

The company profile should be inclusive of the following information.

  • Data providing information on age, location, sex, income and more
  • Data providing information on role in company, size of company, revenue and more
  • Information on problems and challenges
  • Information of likes and dislikes
  • Information on why they would like to use the product or service
  • Information on their professional and personal goals
  • Information on various challenges customers have with product or service
  • Information on how to get customers realize value of service or product in quick manner
  • Information on messaging or language to assist customers in gaining knowledge on value of product

Your customer profile could be inclusive of any kinds of information that you deem valuable for your business.

Reason for creating customer profile

The question to ponder upon would be why to create customer profile. You may also consider how customer profile would assist you in running and growing your business. There are many marketing advantages of having a customer profile.

  • Makes communication easier
  • Creates a better product
  • Helps you create loyalty
  • Helps in segmenting your Mobile Marketing needs
  • It would help you bring in more customers

It would be the biggest benefit of creating customer profiles. It would be pertinent to mention here that more customers would bring in more revenue and eventually more profit to the business.

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