Ways to Keep Your Android Smartphone Working Well and What to Do If It Goes Dead

Most Android-based smartphones provide two or more years of life before the hardware starts to show signs of wear. The repeated phone drops, a bit of rain here and there and other aspects can cause the phone to start malfunctioning.

In a worst-case scenario, one day it crashes and won’t turn back on again, no matter how much you charge it. It’s a scenario that every smartphone user does worry about at least a little bit with their whole life on their phone.

To avoid matters getting to this stage, here are some quick ways to keep your Droid running well and what to do if it turns into a brick!

Protect from Viruses and Malware

There is a risk from virus infections or malware being added to your phone. While Android is based on the Linux operating system, which has a better security record than some other operating systems, it still has its vulnerabilities like anything else.

To protect against the risk of viruses and malware, it’s sensible to install an anti-virus and malware scanner. This type of app can scan for new viruses and malware on your internal and external storage, quarantine and remove them. Apps like Kaspersky’s Internet Security can also screen out unwanted phone calls and protect your personal information to avoid it being shared by mistake.

Removing the Risk of Personal Data Left on the Phone

When using the web, internet web browsers keep a record of which websites you’ve visited. They may remember your passwords if you choose that too. This is a problem should the phone fall into the wrong hands. There’re other potential security issues like someone accessing your phone and maliciously uninstalling some apps to remove the data within those apps.

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A package like Clean Master can lock down the apps to prevent them from being uninstalled without passing a security check first. The software can also clean off junk and personal information in files that you no longer need, including web browser cookies.

Recovering from a Phone Failure

When a smartphone fails to turn on, it becomes very difficult to extract the data stored on its internal storage. It’s often unclear whether the phone has failed and cannot be fixed, or if it’s fixable. In any case, the data needs to be recovered from the phone, even if it is unfixable because the malfunction is too significant.

To recover data from a smartphone, consider using Secure Data Recovery, which has a special division focused solely on mobile data recovery. They have the tools and the expertise to give you the best chance of your data being recovered. Their labs have already recovered data from over 20,000 phones! They also have the ability to repair a corrupted operating system to get the phone back in working order if it’s purely a software problem too.

Most Android smartphones work for several years without developing any problems. Apps can help keep Android running smoothly, but an operating system or hardware problem usually requires expert help.

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